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Os their season and they've just kinda rebounded and even with the machine what's his name came and think of it right now like walked out the russian tag pharisaical injured he he's injured so they're battling spring sun with the hit on creates you we'll get into that a little bit later last night saint me his boston so it's an exciting time dallas and calgary are still kind of in it but calgary's pretty much screwed and dallas surprisingly is just not done i thought they would this year so it's the best time of the year it's also seems that at one point we thought we'd have about four for five teams balan for the last spot in each and it seems now it's just a one or two what's still exciting definitely is quick known about the mentioned we're going to be bringing up buddy y p pages on to discuss his hockey career and his blue fed them as well as funding career as well as scott clinton sherry of these daily cup champion pittsburgh penguins so we've got a couple of guests coming on later but yeah go back to the playoffs with it's it's at least we got a couple of races i mean some years we you know it's wrapped up with with the week or so left calgary i was hoping they made a rush they lost mike smith late that really handicapped them dallas hanging on by a thread i mean there's got to be frustrating for them they went out actually got a goaltender their biggest problem ben bishop in you know he didn't have an outstanding year and you know that doesn't look like they're gonna make the playoffs saint louis i don't wednesday night game wash them in they didn't come out like a team that needs to get to the playoffs they had five shots in the first period but jake alan hung in a you know kept the kept them in the game and then they had appointed overtime so you know that's a threehorse race out west i i don't know man i mean co colorado they got eighty eight points but you lose two games in a row the.

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