Kalamazoo, Western Michigan University, President Trump discussed on Texas Corners Bible Church


And tapes if jesus christ physically came to kalamazoo tonight what are you think kalamazoo would do with them but suppose he went the western michigan university and said i seen you've been looking for a new president i like to apply for the job if i get it there will be no more faults religions allowed on campus i'll stop anything immoral and get rid of any professor who marks god let's say he went to the port a school board and said i see you have a position that's open i like the position if i get it all put god's word and prayer right back into school children are going to be taught the truth about creation about the bible i'll eliminate any woman who teaches anything that even comes post evolution or suppose he said i blinked be mayor and if you let me be mayor if you rape some one or you heard a child you'll be executed if jesus christ came to kalamazoo he wouldn't be physically crucified because the laws don't allow it but i guarantee you this he would be crucified by the media and he'd be run right out of the city see this city doesn't what jesus christ the world has never wanted him the gospel of john is an amazing count of who jesus christ really is we saw in the first five versus the john clearly demonstrates the fact that he's god we saw last time we were together in verses six to eight the jesus christ had a special forerunner whose job it was to travel around and announce him to the world so you have an announcement of god coming into the world that was fully made not only did this scriptures testified that this event was going to happen but john went throughout the entire promised my own he proclaimed that the kingdom of god was at hand and that god had actually arrived in person onth planet earth now the question comes what went wrong if.

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