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Bill Martinez I thought it was a great night for Bernie Sanders I thought it was a great night for Donald Trump I thought it was a terrible night for the Democrats the truth is Bernie Sanders is on a trajectory with a democratic nominee to me he I just don't see him having any shops in the general election on absolutely no one Bernie Stephanie come on he's an anarchist to burn down the United States if we nominate a socialist like Bernie Sanders B. like George McGovern it'll be a blowout just in the ring to the burning people you don't want nothing is certainly doesn't get your respects operas needs to step down is a joke he's a clown you can run the Democratic Party anymore it's lost its way see how Democrats they put a socialist at the top of the ticket it is a sentenced for the party and the need to Donald trump's reelection loser the Democrats I disagree with socialism I believe in the markets I think he's wrong I think you'll never get it done hello this time you will never go that direction by the level of forty nine states corporate didn't work in England Bernie and can work in the United States anyone there is I mean it was not only the democratic candidates averaging one another it was their own media of their own propaganda machine savaging one another with this right now is the deputy research director at the media research center Jeff Dickens Jeff good to have you with us how are you I'm doing great things for me on well what what what what a mess I mean you you watched it and this was that the only good thing for this debate was that it it got ratings right yeah it's a big city audience out that is for sure well I they just I mean Mike Bloomberg did call out to Sanders he just said come on look at you know socialism go isn't going to work and even in on a course Sanders said I had to take some immediate exception to that and then it was like okay how many houses do you have and I you're a millionaire I'm a billionaire so we got all that out and you know and then the food fight continued yeah it was LOL well it was entertaining but it was a this is the coverage of all of this debate there in the media because they're they're all panicking about D. Sanders give you get this dental support that he will not hello and they're worried they're no more goals do they want to see Donald Trump to keep it at that the liberal media and basically even think Bernie Sanders could lose in a landslide what they've been doing for the last thirty forty years is hiding in the fact that the Democratic Party is basically dead in a socialist like party where does Carney whose power on the open call the calls you socialists and and they're like stop doing that because if you look at the quote unquote moderates in the democratic stage which are in people to judge you look at the record it is a new place to look at their records enclosure for example one study we found eighty seven percent of time with with twenty senior center then it tapers so a great judge wants to the bar select trocar which get a free college to legal immigrants so it's still a moderate and they all want to give free healthcare to illegals as well they raised their hands right without exception so you have their eyes they really expose himself in you know in on Bridget Jay you know some are starting to do a little bit that little bit more vetting on in which the mainstream I mean he's been the Darling of the mainstream media but it's interesting they're starting to take a couple of steps back from but a judge they're not propping him up as much as they have been in the last couple of weeks I've noticed and you know what what is starting to come out is there but a judge is to add to his involvement with that you know with with the socialist and and communist ideas it you know and even things that Bridget you wrote his as a young man in college and and in high school the eight you know his you know he he has rarely mollified his his statements in his wording in such a way that it yet you know you almost feel like he's a bit of a double agent here yeah you know you're right but again this is something we've been seeing I just recently in an aircraft is over I will honestly decades that you're using a liberal media try to hide the left of the party you had Chris Matthews the staff was fastening because he's he's out and saying you know eight he's kind of like one of maybe the two of the last of the other people on MSNBC that does remember there were modest in Democratic Party and he has a brother Jim Matthews in Pennsylvania I'm sure the Republicans in public sector borrowing insurance tell them look away in coal mining country during a can you can not nominated candidates are talking about all these green new deals are good Olympic also is chocolate well in the thing is that in this is thing is amazing to me is they are echoing what Hillary Clinton said which was a failed message in sixteen and I guess they figure somehow they're going to continue to pound it into the voter politic and convince them that cold is no more that they should walk away from their jobs and just trust the government to take care of them right yeah and it's if it's a failing strategy and I know it it's it's amazing that still though they're still in the media that think that the brain is the way to go there so Die Hard I mean if you look at actually reading and and emigration that out but that's why this is so the infighting not just within the Democratic Party but even within the liberal and liberals in the media yes exactly well especially because you know when when the elites are on hinge to the degree that they are it's a bit refreshing for us everyday people because you're just watching them I mean you know they would let the have led us to believe all these years that they've got all the goods you know they went to all the right colleges and you know they live in the big houses and they go to the specially selected cocktail parties you know for the special people and here you're watching them and and I got to imagine main street America because the country is looking at these knuckleheads and go on oh my god this is this is this is reality TV this this is hysterical you know and on top of that then they go how much how much are we paying some of his people were paying a hundred and eighty thousand dollars a year and boy they're just the leading out in front of gotten everybody how little they really do know about about government yeah it's it it's it's bad really because I don't think out of Bernie Sanders never had a private job in the private sector at four thirty nine forty started do you know what the government job in any he figured out how to take care of his wife what was the is girlfriend at the time any brings our end basically creates a job for him when he was the mayor there and that Craig and they go Hey wait a minute you know you can't do that well you know he did it and you know they whimpered but nobody really took him the final task to say women you gotta get rid over you know so he's he's had a very a leader is very entitled a way of life for many years and as you said surprisingly he hasn't you know we haven't had a job but yet now he owns three houses in he's a millionaire so he's kind of backed off a little bit on maligning people with millions but then you know he'll go after the billionaires which economic billionaires are we talking about in the country but well I talk about the big scare that that that that the media is not covering as his wife I got all these all this money from this college if you skim exam these colleges by the way you know Bray sake Bernie and they'll see in all talking about all we needed to have free college it's a college is so expensive because maybe you have professors Carol and be able to call on on board better hi can you switch since June FEI levels meaning the outlook of the leftist academia sure exactly let's bring Elizabeth Warren in her cultural appropriation and what she did and the kind of job that she had it at at Harvard as a professor because supposedly she was a minority right right exactly she took a job from a native American thanks to their C. rate well you see this is what the the Democrats do the appropriate and of course now the latest appropriation is that is the economy it's not the the trump economy it's now the Obama economy you know we we get to thank Barack Obama for the economy we have today right right I mean we we get to thank Brock Obama did it's not his caught his economy I mean here he is he served the worst recession in the history of our country in the recovery and you know thank god for Donald Trump and some practical economic principles that is righting the.

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