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Key reads him space swings hit rightwing to carter seventeen on the shot clock or dribbles rounded to do screen right to let straightaway shepherd on the left side tracked down by do left corner clock resets the twenty hundred rules foam and has it left coast tries to kick it out to do is deflect it out of play by stevens it will stay with mississippi state fifteen on the shot clock so queen dairy weatherspoon we'll inbound your left sideline opposite his own bench bounce past the nicoletta stoop shrivels rented a jew stream left to right on the right elbow gives it up to carter wing nine on the shot clock drives it to lane the rudder with a right hand around the limit in potter trying to get something going off the bench sixty five forty five rogun bear the sippy stay playing with more purpose little more prepping two steps bulldog showing press reaves weaves traffic the foreign court hands off the top of the key leaves it for left wing cross feed right sideline is reeves backed up the car they continue to play catch fifteen on the shot clock reeves on the right wing don't see download aboard back to the bucket working on the right post leads hit with the left goes back with the right around the ribbon out rebounded by mississippi state roll done with the finnish nick weatherspoon dance it in and out of traffic leaves ziprecruiter dairy weather scored high on the left wing he's beyond the arc nineteen others shot clock nick weather scoop jabs right lose four out of the way history off the mark rebounded underneath by q and he goes up strongly at stuff sit home to as mississippi state showing signs of life sixty five forty seven eight oh five go to fourth state quickly breaks down the brash the ball law over they had a car but you had it he lose it back to car and penn state back in business patrick chambers i think is seen enough of the helter skelter play show he utilizes time out he wants to regroup his troops here in the meantime join us again friday night for the women's final four live from columbus ohio louisville against mississippi state notre gain collides with yukon all four number.

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