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Ven diagram fanning casey overlap on many traits both are artists with unique and distinctive aesthetics both are exceptional filmmakers who hone their skills in the days before youtube even existed both have extraordinary for storytelling. Perfectionist dispositions an appreciation for the analog. What else respect for detail. The list goes on and on and on and yet they are also very different different people and different artists with different sensibilities back in two thousand ten after the nine stepbrothers. Hbo show was not picked up for a second season kc to become well. Casey van on the other hand embarked on a very different journey and artistic journey a journey of self discovery journey for the most part outside the public sphere until recently that is when van suddenly reappeared by dint of his recently launched youtube channel. The spirited matt is a very cool and curious unlimited series that explores all kinds of questions questions large questions. Small things like home repair all the way to critical thinking within introspective and philosophical flair. That i think is utterly unique. I'm totally compelled by the series. And i was so curious about van and his particular sensibility that i reached out to casey to connect us. And here we are. This one is really fun..

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