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We go again. He's I should wrap up. All the Post Armagan has won competitions. I sorta wrap up my S- my thoughts on our began. Two thousand one entire crossover again made most of my thoughts clear. I think when I spoke these guys earlier throughout my conversations over the last two years while I'm doing this this Sober but I just a couple of final thoughts I wanted him is unrealistic. This ending all this down As far as the revelation about Hawk be coming monarch like we've talked about yes that wasn't radio intention but I personally as I talk about Jonathan and Chris I. It has a problem with it because again reading the story as I said I. It's clear kind of all over the place. Niccolo earlier that honestly I mean yes. There was one part in the hawk. Dove annual. Were Hawk fought Monarch Butts again. Thinking again ran. Because that's what I do. I make sense things. I enjoy all along so bear with me if I kinda stop sputter little bits. I'm taking this out as we talk but I wondering what's not at wondering. Shamanov thoughts coherent he in my head. Ken There you say in my head cannon captain out of was monarch at the start again deals on one. When waiver came into the past. He may changes Kazeem more reluctant. Someone's future that would change it so we looked at all does futures they become mark. Am Net means that road out all those and almost made to hock had become monarch at some in my it cannon and when your time we came along with them that was monarch got pulled back into nineteen ninety one at that point. They're tying changed coalesce war and monarch or Hawk became monarch King. What Jonathan said. Abell Hawk killing himself becoming monarch yeah. There's a lot of problems with it as every read all this but overall enjoying it's I don't this made sense what I just said. Just a few thousand down. Some final thoughts Started again. That's why do I know against story wise that it was changed because the last but on trying to piece together my head cannon skunk me since so does he do when I go there my Again I do want to say I think every single one of you podcast for taking time out of your day to talk with me created as I've said before we have a private facebook group CHAP thing we're always podcast talk before where I have. Delusions of grandeur mixed with episodes self-doubt. So I appreciate you guys taking time out of your day to talk with me about two thousand one both the issues you spoke with in also about the finale. I appreciate their but third part of what's in his long box. We're not quite done yet. Almost not quite I was GonNa have Michael Bailey on me talk about this one because action comics and the name knows that. Michael Bailey is the Saran guy but as I looking at this you. I realize it's only a couple of pages actually ties in as a Epilogue charge Marlin so instead of bothering the good Beckel Bailey. I figure I would cover this. I own so a third part. Yes right guys you got three parts army until I was on this issue. You get the emigrant who has one issue to you. Get the rapid all my previous guests. And now you have actually comic six me which was kind of an epilogue to Argentina's one. The current eight on this was late. October nineteen eighty-one Yawn. Selby was the timber. The third of Nineteen ninety-one the cover price was one dollar. The title of this issue is called skulduggery written by Roger. Stern and Guy Penser Bob and cloud Dennis Rhody hair letter. Is Bill Oakley Glenn? Whitmore enter those great Michael Carlin fat. I've got a signature from my Carlin depending on wall still but yeah I met him back in the comp setting comback in the late nineties early teeth. Thousands credits was the ignificant. An excellent peddler of Dan. Juergens who I love. Anchor was bobby. Cloud and the SNOB says forty starving in two thousand one a star labs where man named Joe Martin is being checked out from fatigue. His doctor Informs Joe that he has the managing that may be causing problems as he talked buildings troubling and thinking that it's earthquake people start vacuuming outside. We actually find out. It's mark attaching his machine to the roof of the building and facing off against Earth's heroes as we talked about in Armageddon two thousand one issue two on page ten star labs telling now with a footnote to see the Armageddon specials on page eleven issues heroes. Rescuing pupils rebel where Joe Martin the rubble pages. Fourteen through sixteen shows the hero still looking for survivors. Geiger earners ready to give up. But Superman being superman doesn't WANNA stop until he's sure there's numerous reminders. Shows up to inform him that no one else.

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