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I'm very mcmartin with your major league baseball final scores in the american league. The blue jays hits three solo home runs to blink the rangers three to nothing to mingle jermaine gets win number sixteen in the eight hundred eighty three win over the orioles cleveland ties it up in the the bottom of the ninth to force extra cannot hold on and loses seven to six to the red sox in the tenth. Kyle seager has his first three home run game in the mariner's eleven to six two feet of the tires and the astros and the white sox play a doubleheader today each winning one game houston takes game one six two two and chicago goal of the white sex white sox takes the second four to one in the national league. The reds false national's three to one philadelphia scores lead to beat the cubs clubs of the chicago. Sort four to dodgers pound the marlins for team to one. That's nearly rally the lose to the braves five to three and the diamondbacks score or five in the first inning and never looked back in a nine to three feet of the rockies in interleague actions saint louis beats kansas city to now think thank the brewers come up short in their rally attempt and lose to the twin seven to five and the giants take game one of the bay bridge series with the as with a three two win and that's a wrap from the moby. Let's throw it back over to jaffe aright. That's mary mcmorris. She's always keeping score for us at. We've got a couple people that are not final as of right now mary what <hes> what are we going on. <hes> we still had believe what tampa bay at padres in the eighth and pittsburgh and angels also in the eighths okay so teams lose in so it's going to go into the bottom of the ninth okay okay so we're gonna wait for southern california to finish our night here in the world of sports. You bet you bet to both the angel stadium and the padres stadium. They nice places to yeah. I mean obviously the weather's nice there in southern california where you know quote unquote never rains. I have been to all forty. Seven of california's major league. Baseball stadiums all forty late forty seven of them. Go swimming in the covey cove when you were up there in the <hes> the area no i think i tried to put my foot in and then was worried. I was gonna fall in entirely no one who's gonna save me. It's not as mesmerized. I the ballpark itself is says rising the locker out packbell s._b._c. global a._t. and t. who slash oracle park. Is that what we're actually calling. Now i get i get so behind and what we're actually calling..

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