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I'm confident and Hickey and up back at CBS sports radio in New York City. John Fass just knocked out enough data another one here in about twenty seven minutes into the NFL playoffs. Cowboys holding on seventeen fourteen face and a third and of the Dallas thirty nine with six or eight is at six forty six remaining. Wow. Look at CBS sports dot com right now. Cowboys thinking about moving on can they hold on. Earlier today in these showed everybody that they're capable of getting to the Super Bowl and winning the SuperBowl. Great head coach grade scheme playcalling solid running game luck is back throwing the ball better than ever defenses aggressive. Solid special teams. Hello one in five starts now. Eleven six after beating the Texans. Twenty one seven. We get the chargers have Baltimore tomorrow. And also eagles had the bears meant Soldier Field will be crazy in the windy city. So there's a part of me that wants to do the bears. Indie Super Bowl. There's another side of me that respects drew Brees and the saints. When Peyton put a running game with Brees. And again, I l aggressive deeper. You know, I'm watching it's twenty one nothing in that Texans game. And I'm like, bring some noise. Bring some heat you're down twenty one nothing. And they're just sitting back in no bring it bring it..

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