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Three change someone's life significantly. So be there for somebody throughout their career mentor or sponsor them, give them opera -tunities as they grow volunteer volunteer for a stem program serving underserved, youth, transform your team to be more diverse in. Looses and make real commitments to creating change here. Hold yourself and your team accountable for creating change. And lastly, help advocate for change across your company. When companies teach their people to be allies. Diversity and inclusion programs are stronger. You and I can be allies for each other, whether we're inside or outside of work. So I realized recently. That I still have lingering shame and fear from that moment in my career when I felt utterly alone shutout and unsupported. There are millions of people out there like me right now feeling that way, and it doesn't take much for us to be there for each other and when we're there for each other, when we support one another, we thrive together. And when we thrive, we build better teams better products and better companies. Ally ship is powerful, try it. Thank you. For more TED talks to Ted dot com. Or. Ex.

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