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And he did more costume changes and lady Gaga were there any songs when you left the real like he didn't do this one no I only want to hear one song and that was this and I knew he was going to close with the because he always goes with it one is a Yoda I don't know what were the custom jealous what sorry what what is that a pair DO Lolo by the Kinks known he key chain Scott he did he did a costume change from tacky he did a check cashing change for white and nerdy he did a costume change for dare to be stupid he did a costume change for your for the saga begins and you know there were just a like a jet I either a costume change almost every song what are the open with he opened up with a metal to medley of like a surgeon I lost on jeopardy a bunch of his hits you to this big met big medley of them the Smalls like teen spirit in there no he did he did that song so like nirvana is filling around did that song normally the costume change were dressed up like Kurt Cobain okay so did he die no charge check no I do I got a cold died something nasty to say I thought I'd leave it to Kevin on that yeah right now all right came in at the end of the song court recording looking out to kill him well if you have anything else to do right now what happened to her I don't know if she can do like yeah here which is just just put in there it is she doing like straight to digital movies or anything if you don't anything this is the first time I've heard the word Courtney Love put in the same sentence and probably a deck she I mean she was a good actress yeah yes Jim Clinton was on whether sales well yeah kind of kind of internal look real quick I know you're playing music now when the computer is locked up when we are able to run well no I'll never know.

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