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Most cases, their sponsorship does not really exist in high altitude mountaineering. That makes sense because it is deemed too high risk course. I mean, listen, think about it. Think about it. I'm, I'm Nissan right, and I want to sponsor your team and I'm a bid to do out of it and then you fricken die. I, I just wasted a lot of money 'cause I can't say a word to anybody. I think about it. Also, there's there's no better way to get that message. Be number one getting to the top, the hard work that goes into driven to explore, which happened to be one of Reseda sponsorships at mountain. Right? You know, I'm putting my brand. Yep. Hauled brand loyalty brand value percent that I'm rolling, but it's a big risk, but it's a big payoff, big path. And that's the point risk and reward path. Right? The higher, the risk, the higher the rewards loot. However, people never talk about mitigating risk. Okay. So here's how you would mitigate the risk is what you publish, and when you publish it, you would capture everything. Of course you would. But if you really risk averse, you wouldn't publish a single thing until that expedition was finished. Right? And then everything would go into production, right? If you were very risk averse, you would never not capture it if you weren't risk-averse like I had a play with credit cards where every camper and pick a name and pay off a credit card Bill. Let's say how fun because you get your entire, you know. Customer base involve, let's say, uh-huh. Now, something like that can be very consumer driven and a lot of fun, but now you're a hundred percent vested engaged. So you are open to taking the risk with the consumer. Guess Vanessa has a background in finance. Okay, but putting all that stuff aside. Okay. Now the the problem with these expeditions is it. There is one of Beckenham IX. It takes x. number of people to make a trip economically feasible. Okay. So what I mean by that is in choosing a team attends without sponsorship, it tends to be the number of people looking to go. And so people tend to be put together who have similar of, you know, like minded goals, and you know. Want to do similar things, but I have to go through psychological testing and profiling before they get onto a team. No, it's nothing like that. Okay. I mean, it's what are the credentials that are necessary. Like for instance, if I just showed up and I was like, as you guys climbing the debt, like that's well do that. No. I mean, you would have to have some credential to get on a permit and either Nepal or Pakistan. This is the care Corman the Himalayas e you would have to have some climbing experience. So they are looking for every permit that the issue that every member has at least climbed in eight thousand meter peak. Let's say if you're going to eight thousand meter peak, okay, you know, this doesn't apply for the cooks or the base camp staff because they're just going to be walking. You know. That's where their stand there. Okay. So now let me ask you this. What can you give us when we've been teams? Of course, this is fort show sports show, but still sports. When we think of teams, we think of positions. Okay. In like, you know, football, you have a quarterback. You have a wide receiver and you have a lineman. Okay. And soccer striker you have. Now when your team do you have positions and what are they responsible for?.

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