Rockies, Chris Harris, John Gray discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Sports with Mike Reiss and we're kind of joking off air which the Rockies can play the pirates every day. And then you just made a great point which the Rockies could play like this every day they played well no doubt about it. Last two games sports brought to us by fix it. Twenty four seven plumbing and heating. Rockies roll the pirates nine three the final early offense was there. Daniel Murphy and Tony Walters with three run homers. And the pitching the last couple of games has been really good. Airman Marquez the other day an last night. John gray seven innings three runs allowed on seven hits. Only one walk, and he struck out. Seven manager, bud. Black loved it. Better than working on a group with trying to limit movement with a flight rights ruins is coming out harder. I mean, it is it feels someone's supposed to much better help but changes voice that was John gray. Their rockies. Go for the sweep Rockies on deck at nine fifty five this morning on KOA rocky or the Broncos rather keep grinding through the OTA's. Let's get an update on the Chris Harris junior situation. He of course, not taking part in the voluntary workouts. He wants a new contract. Our Broncos insider, Mike Klis told our sister station, orange and blue seven sixty he thinks the chances are better than fifty fifty the two sides. Come to some sort of agreement, and they're working to that end to do something at least for this season, after that if Harris junior has a good year he could test the market, or just finally says. You know, I got three young daughters and wife and we love it here in Colorado and jams going into the ring of fame. Wouldn't it be nice if I went into the ring of fame, which, you know, he would? He's probably got a real good chance. Now even if he doesn't play another down. You know, those things they never think about when they're playing you know, you get to make money being Chris Harris that stuff matters. Not sure my money would be on Chris Harris junior signing a long term deal. But let's hope something gets worked out, at least for this year as far as on field work during OTA's wide receiver court Lund's court Sutton is pleased so far. Well, we're getting a lot of.

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