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Called her i didn't hear from her he called her a her throwing shade famous that's no no no i know what what were you going to say well he you know he'll get a jennifer lawrence or somebody in there and all of a sudden she'll just cut loose with you know talking about her partying and other things so he lulls samples them into a sense of civic example i do have one but it's it's i'll talk while you think about it let's talk all i know is what i listen on the way home at night sometimes i listen to on the satellite radio i listened to the news channels tv channels and they insert commercials in they're kind of like we do on our stream you get a lot of zepa ads short the guy that acts like he's one of the jerky boys or maybe he is one of the jerky boys and you get a lot of andy cohen promoting his own satellite channel which seems like a lot radio andy kind of radio it seems like he's got enough right he's got a lot but i suppose you know people are gonna pay i don't know i've turned stuff down because i've got enough to do like he got jennifer lawrence to admit that she so she heard a rumor that she was dating brad pitt and he got her to admit that she didn't do anything to dispel it she led it if you let it linger for a while because she liked the idea brad pitt ever caller get it together man are you probably sit around thinking about ways to get laid yeah he also andy also got hurt of her kardashians her favorite kardashians and order so you know which one is mine again the big one khloe i like the big one i do god help me god help me man i like the big kardashian favorite man dot who's your favorite really really i mean that's you're asking me to have the wisdom of solomon here she was a favorite child funny like like jet overlords as does kadiye count okay that's a that's a pivot yeah that's a pivot that they call that just that just the right size for me yeah many other girl yeah count the the jenner girls kendall and count them all right i take the one that's left i don't know the name of the other one.

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