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Snow helps the ski resorts maintain a more consistent product as they call it. I mean mammoth they miss their opening day by one one day this year for the first time since it insults making and it was just one day since the early nineties, and so they can you know, done snow at all can still have skiing. They can supplement and some places it's pretty much all they have like where I grew up in winter green Virginia. So I don't, you know, I certainly think it's okay. What one thing that's come up with a fake snows people somehow think that water uses all consumptive, and it's just gone, but the truth is kind of goes right back into the. It's just runs off, you know, in the snow melts and. Right back into the watershed or down into groundwater, mostly. It's the energy consumptive part of it uses up the. Most energy is you have to us now. So air compressors, it's a lot of trinity run the compressor houses curious how these work, and I just watched a bunch of videos of huge hoses easing compressed air or fans to blast tiny water droplets hyphen this guy, so they freeze and then flutter down into powder. And apparently this can be an overnight job. Kind of like the snow fairy comes at night in a beanie and north face parka and unleashes its giant hose arm octopus creature to cover the mountain and frozen confetti while you sleep cute. Caroline Lewis in Israel king. Both wanna know are there are there any ways to better clear snow off your car walkway excetera aside from scraping shoveling as snow expert. I don't have any good answers. I mean, I don't like the salt because pets can it sort of Mark's things, and I kind of enjoyed that. You know, it's like a good way to get some exercise when you're stuck inside. Right profit. Yeah. You gotta watch your back. That's okay. I think the main there's there is. The teach in avalanche classes called strategic shoveling which was more about how to most quickly extract people as to do with tiered levels and stuff like that. You don't just want to dig straight into the ground, but just like any any working at your desk. There. Correct ways that sit shemmel practice to hold your. So you don't damage your back shoveling. So when you're digging someone out of an avalanche almost like terraced. Yeah. This is something that Bruce Avs really came up with which is great strategic shoveling for one thing if they're on a slow you wanna shovel in towards them, not straight down at them. Because it's the fastest way to shovel out. It's excavate. And then also usually depends on what kind of setting you're in. But especially if you're like ski resort with a lot of people you have more than chances. Are you only have like one or two people up front doing fast, Shelly then there's going to be other people who maybe aren't doing anything? So that they can get behind them on like terrorists. You know, if you can match steps going down and shovel out that debris. The the first group, right? You can scan would dead. Also, if your car snowed in I did see some tips like using a lighter to heat your key. If your lock is frozen or putting on a priest no car cover, so you can just remove that sucker Dolittle scraping. Another option is just never go outside. Again. Now main advice lift with your legs and not your back. And if you're my dad, please wait until I can come up and help you please. Thank you, sir. Also, a lot of you had a similar question. And I'm just going to say your names with my mouth now. Spencer Gillespie Billy Marino. Carla can Lubar Lauren harder. Sarah Clark, Barbara Blackie. And Eva a lot of people had questions about climate change. Are you seeing your work change a lot in the last ten years? The last ten years that you know, that's a particularly interested in period of time. There's there's strong evidence that from snow radars. For instance, Ben hatchet is doing some great work up at his at the desert research institute in UN. Are they've got the snow radars that they can look at the snow levels..

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