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Sometimes weird things happen and my answer. I guess if i had the chooses i do think there are some issues in terms of. They need that secondary pass rush jones. Get into great. They got us now. Is that answered. By clark though. Like cork might come back and really answer that question. I think they also need more athleticism. I'll tell you right now. And i know recovered the fumble. They gotta stop. It's gotta stop. I trust them and all that stuff. He's too damn slow like you just cannot play him ridiculous if i was offensive coordinator. I would try to get him. Isolated every single play and just go after him. He's a really good special teams like he belongs on the roster. He does not belong out there. Playing seventy fox channel snaps defensively and i want to quickly get coil. Donal big fan of the show tweet us. So where do you feel. The real significant holes aren't defense can't be addressed with matthew and car coming back. He says he thinks wards big liability. I don't know if awards be liability. I think he's pretty much a standard number two corner in the nfl. And i think again if you have matthew and you can play your three safety sets with those guys you mitigate that a little bit. My biggest concern again is second level. You've got to be fast you got. I'll be us. I wouldn't mind seeing hitchens and gay out there at the same time year goes on. It's all i get. It might make a mistake. They also might make a play because they're fast as hell and they can move. I think that's something they consider here. We go down the road muted. I think that's what you lose when you take willie gay out of the lineup. You lose that athleticism and then it works in the browns favor right because again. We said they want things to go very certain way. They don't want you to know what they're doing. They don't want you to know what kind of situation there. And and you need a guy like willygate who's athletic and also a guy like tarn. Matthew was also missing and has also extremely athletic and is also extremely smart to running through a whole to blow up a play to cause an early down problem for the browns to put them in a in a position where now they've got to drop back pass because one guy made a plan knifes through and what we saw i think was a lack of playmakers in the middle of the field with the exception of one. Thorne who Thornton who will talk about later and that she's just weren't getting those plays and so then the browns were just able to dictate they key. You don't know what they're gonna do. And there's so much talent out there for them that it can cause a real problem and they played pretty much perfect football until the fumble. I mean they were absolutely perfect. And that's what you have to be the chiefs and it still didn't work.

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