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Movie or out of a sitcom i love the orlando international airport but i think they have an intercom problem and i had to pull like a delta manager aside to let her know because they're enter comms don't cancel each other out so it's an inner so so becky at gate 75 come on sam gates 71 can be talking to tighten over each other talking over each other and what was i was colin was not pleased to me the uscca's he was not happy and i was shockingly lex in dawn i was shockingly lakes varies zan i think it's because i was like okay the vacations over of you getting clearly reality clearly so i was cracking up because our gate agent argh agent was like okay are all going to atlanta on collide thirteen pantene or can we boarding in our first class pat and then as he's talking you hear mary over there going for care i believe he would deter closing what did what i love it was a triple decker because very the third voice it was a gate aged talking's manish and i who i would like to voice is too many voices was my gate becky down the way and then a very nice woman paging a spanishspeaking passenger he was going on and on and on and spanish and i'm like this is his dare recalled like colin however did not find my my moment of joy so joyful weather when winner hung over i mean but we have actually got out there we go there we are we're about an hour and a half late i i facetime the lexus of from inside the play milk we'll get some sleep show i tried desperately i tried desperately to see them i've never been able to sleep on planes but i may be close mice for a little bit i felt the worst and in a lot of you will be able to relate to this my poor motherinlaw her ears wooden pop on the way and they wouldn't pop on the way down and she looked column looked over at me as weird as we were descending and i said what's what's the deal and he goes all moms moms ears or it she's in a lot of pain she felt white once we wind and she said she felt like her head was going to explode that's how was it was so i.

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