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Toby me after one of your coaching calls it wasn't just one. It was a series where you actually had to force her start. Pursuing furiously, vastly boss, which is a Tim Julie Harris copy written statement, right. So furiously fast lead follow up what does that mean, and so this is where a lot of you guys will get into this analytical Malays about leads and all this that they text you. They only want to be texted back the email you. They only want to be emailed back or pay all these silly rules. So here's the only rule that matters when elite shows up anywhere in your orbit your have you have to call that lead back within one minute or less the faster you call the lead back the better. Now, why is that matter because the there's no downside and being. From the perspective of the consumer to having a salesperson be furiously fast with their lead fog there's no downside from your business from a profitability perspective because you're going to impress the hell out of the perspective maybe seller that you are incredibly efficient and following up on your business unlike every other experience that person's ever had with any other real estate agent on planet Earth, what are you up to Julia writing something down reminding myself to talk about the slow bit infamy which is about to happen right. So Mike, you're right. Yeah. So that's the main thing guys furiously. Fast lead up, there's one thing and now here it's not enough just to call somebody back and it's always call to be clear about that. If someone text you call them back if someone emails, you get their phone number and call them back if it does not matter, it's the voice that matters is the direct contact. That's matters. If you're asleep fast lead follow up that matters and then use our prequel scripts and you get him on the phone don't just wing it call them back and then use the scripts in scripture we described every day are essentially a. Well written and tested honed a series of questions that are designed to get you out of concern to produce a consistent result and they're asking questions in the order that makes sense that are going to make it so that in essence y'all determine how motivated that ideally that seller is and the mistake a lot of you guys make and this is the big tragedy. I think amongst modern real estate teams and brokerages in particular as you guys treat buyer leads that are calling and people who present themselves as buyers as the red headed stepchildren redhead step children are protective. Class now maybe they maybe they should be right but you guys are treating them like you know they're not ideal business because they present buyers, your ego gets in your way and you're not realizing and in some markets seventy five, maybe fifty, seventy, five percent of all your buyers are actually sellers to they might be calling something for sale. But if you were to call them back right away, you quickly determined that they had a house to sell or better than having to call them back, answer the phone, the Damn Falls and Ram Fun and you know I remember. You said Colette had been doing a series of some coaching stuff with me..

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