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That you need in order to get unstuck because I think that that's also a reality of running a business is that there are places when you're stuck. It's like a department that stock. It's a. You know leader that stock or it's a team that stuck. And I think that it's our jobs to really help people get unstuck. And I think that you know, I delete we wanna make all the right decisions so we don't have to encounter those difficult conversations in moments or have to take difficult measures to do something to make a change. But inevitably you're not doing good job unless you're fucking up, you know a little bit and it's like you kind of need to be out there. You know, you gotta get your hands dirty a little bit. You have to just like, see what you are made of and what the team is made of and like what is possible. Because otherwise it's just becomes this very generic, very safe, very predictable kind of time line. And that doesn't interest me at all. And I don't think interests a lot of people that are drawn to startups and drawn to building things in what some advice that you give to someone just starting out who would wanna have a career like yours? Well, I mean, I think that. I think it really starts with putting your ego side. I think that I had very, very big ambitions that I was going to be an editor right out of college. I had to be an assistant for a very long time. I didn't get my first official editor job toes twenty-six that felt late to me, and I was really scared that I was falling behind, but you know, the way that my trajectory really unfolded was that I ended up working for other publishing executives in a supportive role learning about the business until the right opportunity opened up for me, which happened to be a gourmet magazine to me. I think you have to be willing and open minded and kind of do anything. And like I said. When it came to city magazine when it came to starting refinery, I am very much a proponent supporter of believer of trusting your gut interviewing as Guinness, just like dating. It's like really. Paying attention to can I see myself here? Is this something like I'm gonna really feel regret if I don't get this job or if I don't go out for this job. I think the other thing is is when someone comes into your midst that has experienced that you really admire like just go out of your way to ask, you know, even if you can have like twenty minute conversation with them, and that's just what you have to do. I cannot tell you how many people I have called emailed or cold called over the last twenty five years. People have admired many of them never responded, which is totally fine. But some of them did respond. Those of the sort of encouraging moments that remind you, you're on the right path and that you have to keep tapping those kinds of people in order to propel yoursel Ford 'cause we don't do it alone. I mean, I guess if you're like a novelist or something, you do it alone. If it most of us, you know, we need other people. You know, we depend on each other. When you remember that you really become tremendously respectful and appreciative of what other people bring into your life and what you, you know, in turn bring to theirs. Well, thank you so much, Christine. You, thanks for having me. Thanks for listening to this is success from business insider. Our shows produced by Anna Mazza rackets and Sarah Wyman dam. Bob cough is our executive producer in. I'm rich Valona before you go, we'll check in with Christine Barbara one more time to see how our interview could have been very different..

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