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Germantown, Virginia, Ralph Northam discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


This was all at the intersection of Germantown road and aircraft drive which is right in front of the Germantown town center about a few dozen protesters had staged a kind of a citizen they were there were one or two that were sitting in the middle of the road the rest were standing with signs that said things like I can't breathe the police are on the scene Germantown road was closed off and to the police were diverting traffic around the protesters WTOP's attic avail in Germantown in Virginia governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency in the Commonwealth ahead of what he anticipated would be another violent night of clashes between law enforcement and protesters after protests got out of hand in prince William county local leaders held an emergency medical him county's board of supervisors met Sunday afternoon after a Saturday night protest around Sudley road and suddenly manner drive in Manassas grew unruly and unlawful assembly was declared county deputy police chief Jared Phelps we're here to safeguard all the rights first memories of everybody we we want people to to protest in a lawful legal way they're working to determine what they did right and what can improve with their response which included mutual aid from other police agencies board of supervisors vice chair Victor angry the pain that we're experiencing right now is real and we are the voice of these people in pain is so it is our responsibility all of us Republican and Democrat to talk to those who are voiceless Liz Anderson WTOP news we'll check traffic and weather next it's eleven oh seven the statewide primary elections here and their lenders must build on or by June second it's free easy and secure eligible voters will receive a ballot at the address on file it is dated April twenty eighth but is still valid ballots must be postmarked were placed in a boating drop box by eight PM on June second in person voting locations this election is that Maryland dot gov slash June two that's elections at Maryland.

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