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Welcome welcome guys. We are back for another episode of the lucking. I joined his usual by a freshly sheared. It looks like darrow. Carney darah i feel like haircuts or lack thereof. Get more comments in our youtube comments than anything else on the show these days. Yeah i mean once. My hair gets Pretty much all our youtube comments are the state of attorneys hair dot past long time ago. I think the audience just kind of gave up. But i was. We were around my son's place last week with a visiting american kevin o'donnell shadowed kevin and my wife took some photographs and i was shocked. I mean my my hair standing off mad professor lake. So i thought okay well. Maybe it's time to get a haircut. Well i do the same this week tara. I think it's probably been a couple of months for me as well. So we're looking. Well groomed today without further ado. Let's bring in our very special guests this week. It's to be said he's a poker player. He's a coach a writer. I'm delighted to say he is also a wsb bracelet winner. Welcome to the show carlos welsh. Thank you guys. Thanks for having me look. It's great to have you on. Let's get right to it. You are the big story of the week. The only story. We really care about to be honest. Who's gonna be lot filler. After this a few days ago you took down the eight hundred as crazy through online event. Outlasting seven hundred eighty one other players to win yourself hundred twenty five grand on gold bracelets carlos you came into the final table relatively short stack you in a very big flip. I know quite early on with tens against as queen. Can you give us a quick summary of how things went from there That's actually a good question because my first thought was no 'cause every day has been a fall a brain fog since then. I do know that at some point. I wanna big hand calling Fifteen blind jammed from the small blind. And i'm the big blonde with a seven and i sucked out against as ten. So that gave me They kind of build my stake back up. I couldn't tell you of that was before the final table or not and then there was another wide open. Ace is under the gun and somewhat jab. Twenty twenty-five bigs only weighs king once again stated tournament. the money. I know it was pretty late but i don't know at what point of the final table that i built my stack backup from that. That small stack you saw. Are you still in the looking hotel room. I am in the same building different room but same building for sure figure room. I hope a room now. Actually smaller is actually smaller. Which which is owned brand for me. Yeah i mean. I listened to carlisle on the taking poker podcast on my on today and it was just afraid when the braces and he was still moving out of the rio for the weekend because You know the race up the weekend. So yeah yeah though. Want to give the money back. Well gaza alluded to there. I think even sleeping you hop straight onto a call with your good friend. Andrew broke us could friend of the shows as well to record impromptu. I'm guessing episode of thinking poker..

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