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This hour Virginia. Senator Mark Warner holding off from directly calling for Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax's resignation after two women accused Fairfax of sexual assault. But Warner says the allegations against his fellow democrat are serious in. Fairfax should resign. If they are true. More on the story coming up at seven thirty one with CBS news to people remain hospitalized this morning after a driver crashed into the Seville banquet hall outside in stream would police say an Uber driver was dropping off passengers from the car, accelerated for an unknown reason it hit other cars in the parking lot, injuring a valley, and a bystander police are still investigating police are also investigating Rashed robberies on the near north side. And the city authorities say there have been six incidents since mid-january police each time a man between thirty and forty years of age approaches victims from behind and drags him into an alley Robson the latest incident took place in the early morning hours of January nineteenth in the fifteen hundred block of north Larrabee. A building or gangster Al Capone once lived is for sale. It's a two flat and the seventy two hundred block of south prairie cranes reports. Capone his wife mother and sister lived there in the nineteen twenty s the most recent owner lost the building last year in foreclosure, the asking price is one hundred nine thousand nine hundred dollars. The house is mentioned in several news reports on Capone from the nineteen twenties. Jim got us. News Radio on one zero five point nine FM. A blind date for two Tigers goes wrong at a London zoo London zoo thought, it would be the match made in heaven and winter brought over a seem a male Sumatran tiger to mate with long-term resident Malati Sumatran Tigers are an endangered species and hopes were high arriving at the zoo in the last few days. I've seen was described as a handsome confident cat known for being very affectionate. However from there, it was all downhill after being introduced, tension and aggression escalated into a violent fight and melodic was killed the zoo says it's trying to get us through this.

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