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Dick at the the and in try not to be addicted to hack it looked like i was very genuine rarer we're we're good i the older is i even saw it is because like i had had an issue with my roommate who was like my good friend but he was like t didn't wanna say to me like he was saying if you are pro era down and then eventually it like it came out and he like flipped out had this holy malaysia unlike to you could just said like clean myself up and then when i saw rings reaction he was so happy as a hearing definitely hate the fact that citizens to best none of any very respectful about oh you try to like picture of nine hundred i thought i thought we aren't good where we we got wet different than anyway we'll be back tomorrow autographs have anything yeah frankie even you you went from you know you had some ups and downs when you call the wayne gretzky wayne wayne was a was i think a highpoint actually on those great moment for your career you started out as a pizza bar a pizza boy deliveryman maker it came in somehow you've got this job to be daves bitch you stunk at it you almost got fired oh my god that i ever tell you that story but when i met frankie now your own fucking cleveland i when we went to cleveland at the it was like september no october of 2016 we were tried to a live show and this must have been what is this like your first week on the job frankie goes my slick second week yeah so he's china fuck and figure out how to get the facebook live shogun and david screaming at him and i was like this fourteen year old kid like why can't believe a he's either going to cry kill himself or quit ignores the only three options that he has there's no way he's going to make well that that was that was probably the breaking point 'cause i i believe like a couple of weeks in is when i remember hearing rumblings like the dazed.

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