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The exception of those of us who have to actually work for a living If you're traveling the beltway in both Maryland and Virginia looking pretty good between the American legion and Woodrow Wilson bridges north Dan I 95 in Maryland after 100 crash cleared to the left shoulder all you're traveling are open but of course your delays remain north down on I 95 as you pass 100 at its toward the harbor tunnel throughway no issues being reported on a this point the BW park where you guys remain clear route 50 looks good coming in through Annapolis and then beyond toward the beltway and beyond towards Chevrolet traveling to open two 70 still a good ride as you leave Frederick headed through Rockville no problems at being reported on the beltway in Virginia between Alexandria and mcclain 66 remains clear as you leave Gainesville headed through roslin I 95 looks good leaving Fredericksburg headed toward the Springfield interchange in on I three 95 going up to and across the 14th street bridge with your travel lanes are open traveling in the district I two 95 as well as D.C. two 95 running without any delays at all No problems on the southeast Southwest freeway looking good in the northbound thirst street tunnel as you head toward New York avenue taking him back to Maryland in Arnold county on one 73 fort smallwood road near Brandon shores road crash reported as a car versus a poll so please use caution if you're traveling in the area Red River technology decisions aren't black and white think red I'm rob stallworth WTO P traffic Thank you rob Let's get our weather now with storm team fours Lauren ricketts A cold front start over the region will cause unsettled weather this week Certainly cooler than over the weekend temperatures only topping.

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