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Favorite story of the day emotionally right there's a family okay china and they wanted to add a canine to their family they want at a dog to their family they're on a trip so they i've been there but they got to betton mastiff a large brown dog so they start raising this dog this dog was part of the family and they learned this dog coin appetite it would normally eat a box of fruit and two buckets of dog food buckets buckets of dog food be it's started reached two hundred and fifty pounds it never barked and then one day they found it walking around on its hind legs it was then that they realize that this is not a dog to have an asia black bears a pet oh can you imagine that this happened had a bear in their house if you've found out your dog was a bear that's like so dope right now you like the bare bro of bear as a pet like this is my dream forget it forget piplo forget forget a german shepherd like no no mailman is ever gonna come to your house if you have a bears a pet is just not happy happy as i've gotten older and my wife has a lot to do with this i've become a bit of a snob i used to not even know what thread count mint on sheets i didn't even know what that number even met but then my wife had me buying high thread count sheets i used to never ever ever ever get a massage and now a spa day is my preferred way to spend a day and i used to not care about hotel quality i really didn't i was like do they have a door to television into the bed in a bathroom and i'm good will now i really do care about high quality hotels but here's the thing i'm still cheap and high quality hotels aren't always inexpensive we'll guess what there's a new way to book hotels where you get cool nice hotels and you always get a great deal it's hotel tonight i have it on my phone you've heard me tell you before about hotel tonight how i was in napa and we had one night we didn't put a hotel open up hotel tonight you browse through all the different.

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