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Experts in the industry to improve your odds in the field. Pursue, the hunt was founded on bringing a well rounded approach to hunting from offseason prep to packing up your trophy. We pursue the whole hunt. Right are here on another episode of pursue the Hunt Live and we are super excited today to introduce a special guest to you Muc Simon's and I'm your host Mike Friesen and we are super excited to be talking everything to do with elk. We're going to be talking pre Rut. Post rut mid Rut, Elk calling methods, and it just going to be a super exciting episode. So welcome here. thanks for Hey having me. Excited to be here. Yes, so let's go. Let's talk about you a little bit just kind of your background hunting, wise kind of your , just introduce yourself to the audience a bit. While my hunting first of all I'm from southern Saskatchewan and you when it comes to the Elk you Don't think that elk is synonymous with , it really isn't. But that's how it got started for me back way back in , was working in the oil patch. I. Think I was nineteen at the time. And it got really slow like what it is right now, unfortunately in the . I started looking for alternative things to to do and. In a roundabout way I went to the Western producer looking for A. Truck driving jobs for farmers just to get me by until I get back into oil patch and I found. I found IT application for Yukon Guide school, and a that's how it really started for me. I did that was way back in nineteen ninety. I remember I just packed up whatever I had at the time jumped on a plane and flew to whitehorse and the weird thing that is being a prairie guy I mean I hunted with my father and friends and stuff like that for white tail and birds primarily what we have in southern but. I never rode a horse in my entire life before I got to. Yukon. I. Did we are I? Two weeks was all learning how to? Cave animals, so they had domestic goats at the end butcher that we worked on the caves and learn that and we also took a ferrying schools while which is kind of interesting. And because I didn't never wrote horse before I soaked up all the information and. And then the main part of the actual guide school was we loaded up. The horses drone to a certain point, and then we. We wrote them for I. Think was sixteen or Nineteen as to the Arctic Circle for that affair this Yukon The and that's how that's how it started, and and the funny thing for me is I. Remember before long became a a guide. I actually applied for this particular outfit they had a they had a advertisement for guides and ramblers and stuff, and I run up. resume incentive to them, and never even got a reply back so I I knew that they weren't roy interest in me and the weird twist to this whole thing for me was when I got completed the guide school. Out Fair had spots for two guides, and there's five of us on the guide school and The two guys that got the the sheep guide were a couple of Alberta Cowboys, and they actually the shooter and determined long before the guide school was done that those guys were going to get the job. The and he told me he told me after that. It's not that I didn't do good. He just didn't think I was going to cut it. Being that I had basically no gear for the mountains I've never heard horses before All All kinds of even he thought is going to wash out which didn't so at the end of it. He made the mistake of telling those guys that they were going to get. There were going to get the jobs, so he recommended me to good friend, which I spent a good part of fifteen years of working for that outfitter after that, and ironically that was the guy that was the outfit that I sent the resume at him so. That's that's pretty cool. So what kind of what kind of species did you guide for? Well when I first started I thought truly thought, I was going to be a wrangler for the first little while, and just kind of learned the way of the Guide and I think that was the idea. I wrote into camp with two nights and while you go to a mean camp, and then they. The kind of send you to all different parts of their hunting concession, and in this particular spy was actually one of the most sought after Grizzly Lake and it was really picture s beautiful place I went there with two knives, and there is a there was a cook and Wrangler and stuff like that and. Or sorry I was going to be wrangler. Like a camp got cuts, wooden stuff and one of the guys had a fight with the outfitter eight before. It's time to Paco and. My old note theater. He didn't take any of that. He just he'd fiery on the spot so scheduling. So so that guy got sent to the highway and. I got told that I was GONNA take one one hundred my first trip. And of course. The the the. It's just a clarity of errors for me. At first, that's cylinder.

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