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Fat line she yes she comes in strong i mean she's not her body language is nothing but confidence she is getting the job done all the time and that says something about her but it's very little in it allows for the player to kind of do a lot more work if they want to any minute she starts talking and reading diary entries sharing her thoughts are much more sort of beholden to the winds of whoever may be writing her or it's interesting because i generally don't like cypher characters like your links and your master chiefs where i'm like i don't know who this is really i would like to see more but was sam for whatever reason i'm like please don't run this for me i'm already good on not hearing her speak really like an prime she never really talks she just it's jennifer hale who does the voice acting for that but it's not it's not spoken lines of dialogue and it is kinda funny where like other people will talk to sam in those games and chill just stand there and you kind of have to imagine what she might say or do and i get the criticisms of that as a concept it's a problem all the games two and master chief and everything but i don't know i don't mind it with sam's because i'm biased and possibly wrong about all this but so many are you optimize sick or dreading metro rhyme for how do you feel about that i'm optimistic i had before that he three when those announcements happened i was actually a person who is saying just reboot metro and just totally start over because after other 'em an after all the things motiva about like how he feels about her and stuff i was just like please stop this someone someone come in some other creative team come in and just do something a little different with this whole concept that would be really cool to see but that's not we.

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