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A list of episodes that we used will be posted in the episode description today. We're discussing cussing cases of psychological manipulation. What tactics criminals used to deceive coerce and exert control over their victims? Why does it work? And most importantly what are the dangerous consequences of these types of mental domination psychiatrist. Harvey Saint Saint Clair defined psychological manipulation as a psychosocial maneuver which uses aggressiveness cleverness and deception to influence others so they will give gratification to the aggressor this gratification. Whether that be taking hostage cultivating followers or seducing a murder victim is the driving moving force behind the criminals manipulative actions. They desire to gain absolute control over their prey psychologist. George Simon identified many tactics ticks manipulators use to dominate their victims such as intense flattery. Playing the victim to gain sympathy and undermining victims perception of reality through gasoline. So who do manipulators target. How do they select the right person to fall prey to the scheme Dr? Harriet breaker identified identified. The most common traits victims of manipulation possess among them are an eagerness to please low self reliance I desire to earn acceptance the blurry sense of identity and fear of disapproval in our clips today walk through a variety of crimen leaders and see how they identify these traits rates victims. We'll start with a clip from podcast original crimes of passion covering one of the most well known cases of manipulation in true crime history. The Manson family by manipulating in group and out group dynamics in the late nineteen sixties murderer and cult leader Charles Manson radicalized its followers and cultivated an intense devotion that propelled the family eight to do his bidding. While the most famous killings committed by the Manson family were the tate labianca murders in August of nineteen sixty nine their first first victim was drug dealer Gary Hinman Hindrance murder was the catalyst for a string of brutal killings carried out by the Manson family in the summer up sixty nine in July of nineteen sixty nine. Charles learned that the two men were in the midst of an argument. Bobby Beausoleil Oh Soleil had purchased a thousand tabs of Mescaline from Gary Hinman but he then claimed but the drugs were tainted. Bobby wanted his money back. Charles else figured that as long as bobby was asking for a refund he should demand some extra cash to help fund the families 'cause in exchange Charleston over a few family family members to Henman's house to put pressure on him. Charles knew that Henman was particularly attracted to Manson family. Member Eligible Bailey. So so he suggested she go along to help persuade Henman but ella jo asked to be excused from duty. Perhaps she guests at the visit might become violent and she later said that she witnessed the family members arguing over which guns and weapons they would bring to Henman's apartment instead Charleston. Family members Bruce Bruce Davis Susan Atkins and Mary Brunner to act as enforcers. They held a drug dealer up at gunpoint. While the spurn Bobby Beausoleil beat him senseless senseless eventually Henman agreed to sign over the pink slips to his two vehicles as payment. But when Bobby called Charles to let him know he wasn't satisfied satisfied he was sure Henman must have money stashed away for the next two days. Bobby Mary Brunner and Susan Atkins held Gary Hinman hostage in his home. They continue to make demands for money while bobby relentlessly beat him when Henman and told them he'd go to. The police. Bobby was spooked. He might go to prison for what he done. He called Charles. Who said you know what to we do? Bobby took that as a command to silence Henman by killing him before I continue with Bobby Psychology. Please note that. I am not unlicensed psychiatrists or psychologists but I have done a lot of research for the show. The American Psychological Association has expressed skepticism People can be brainwashed into acting violently but some psychologists point to countless examples of people falling under a violent Colt influence and going on to do the unthinkable. Licensed mental health. Counselor Stephen Hasson use the rise of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups as modern examples of how people can be indoctrinated into committing murder. These extremist groups have radicalized individuals through isolation limiting access vest to outside information and instilling an US versus them mentality. Charles Manson uses seem tactics family members. I looked at Charles as their only source of wisdom and guidance. Some even thought he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ Charles exploited their your trust to make them believe they had to take a stand against the rich and powerful pigs of the outside world. The family wasn't just willing to kill for their God Charles. They were proud to do it. So when Charles gave the word bobby readily obeyed he stabbed Henman then dipped his hand in the dying man's blood to draw on the wall. He wrote political piggy. You and then painted a pawprint Charles had instructed bobby to leave evidence incriminating the Black Panthers he hoped Henman's death breath would heightened racial tensions and help kickoff helter skelter then. The group left taking Henman's cars with them.

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