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I hear the voice said is Neil Sheehan. There have to speak to him. It's urgent urgent need him. Whereas he and you were like intense on the phone. I didn't know who it was. I said who is this? And you said, it's Daniel Ellsberg. And I said well hold on. And I put my hand over the phone, and I turned to two of the editors right there. I said at some guys nealer. No, he was back at the Hilton. I said it's some guy who's really sounds like he has to talk to and he said his name is Daniel Ellsberg and the two editors went white. In the face, and they looked at each other. And one of them said it's the source. The editors wave their arms back at Rosie get rid of the guy. And I said I'll I'll tell them you called. I think I'd probably said I don't know where he is. And so Neil is not available. So I then pick up the phone and call Howard zinn who I was going to see that night to go. See Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid for the fourth time or something for me given Howard about a thousand pages and Noam Chomsky as historians for their interest. There were keeping it under their bed. And this next part makes you wonder what was he thinking? So I should Howard. I've got a store somewhere stuff with the may come any minute. I said let me come by your place, and I wanna I wanna drop something. So somebody else also had given me of grass a little grass. That's about an ounce of marijuana and thought, okay, we're gonna come any minute here. So he took the little grass aired I gave Howard the stuff, and then we smoked as much as we could. And threatened flush the rest down the toilet. Yeah. So well Ellsberg was dodging the FBI in a movie theater baked and watching Butch Kathy. The presses were rolling for the Sunday paper..

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