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We want. What's up everybody? Ryan here today. I'm going to be joined by one of my advisers Sam Prentice, and I brought him onto the show because there's so much weird wacky stuff going on in the economy right now made my very bold predictions of what's going to happen to the stock market and very public about what the heck I'm investing in. But with all the crazy stuff going on the markets up the market's down there's a new tax law. There's government shutting down Sears is going. There's just so much going on that I wanted to have a little bit more of a sophisticated conversation about how this might affect you and me, and what the heck to do about it. So Sam is one of my advisers. He's somebody that I'm a client of Sam. So we exchange money for advice. I kiss not really for advice. But for for the application of some of the stuff that we both study on this topic. And we go deep into the weeds on this. But we. Tie. It all together at the end with some action plans that you can take. So if you can get through some of the deep nuances of the things that we go into about why the economy is doing the things that it does or how certain investments work if you can trudge through that we tie it all up with a bow here at the end. And I think you're also going to enjoy some of the predictions that we make about what things are going to go up. What's going to go down? And how that affects you. So enjoy this chat with Samp Renta's up one percenters. I'm Ryan, Daniel Moran. And this is the second hand Psomas man on this. This video podcast a lot right now. They did. Be the second hand man in the room. I didn't know there was gonna be award given us the handsome. Mrs cardboard cutout Ryan is already there somewhere rate was he is a great listener. Hey, so Sam is one of my economic advisors. You could say he's who I go to when it comes to buying cashflow comes to actually setting up the proper structure for my financial house is that if I say anything that would get me in trouble with the FTC. Can you warn me before you kicked out of the table little bit? Yeah. That'd be that'd be prepared to go. A little bit off the off the radar. I goal. We're not recording. This all this perfect. But today, we're gonna talk about cash flow. We're going to because biggest Sandison really really cool things when it comes to buying cash flow and structuring it in a way that is advantageous..

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