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It's nice to get it right all right okay with that. Let's do some of the some of the inquiries some of the questions here for this week. All right einstein correction. Oh jesus did i say something wrong about the crazy haired son of a bitch there. Hey bill no more drunk slur in the podcasts. On the fifteenth of july you joked about albert einstein having invented the atomic bomb. Actually he did not. Oh shit shots fired. Was this tesla again. Gone up but fighting it for twenty minutes even warned the us government about the advances of the german physicists. People what is happened to like basic grammar here. Actually he did not okay. You say he didn't he joked about albert. Einstein have invented the atomic bomb. Actually he did not. He even warned the us government about the ant advances of the german. I see what you're saying. Sorry that was my fault. Physicists are there. You're saying he didn't do that and he even did. This will then. Shouldn't you say he did this and even did this. Yeah i think i am right. He didn't invent atomic bomb but he did warn the you should have said but instead he even i sorta got it. I don't think you guys are like dumb. I just think voice texting six so this is how somebody was talking. I wouldn't notice this but the second is written down you like that doesn't make sense or maybe i'm dump i'll go with the last one anyway. he warned he warned the us government about the advances of german physicists. He regretted in hindsight as it spurred the us government on in their project which ended in japanese genocide. He said in the interview. Had i know that the germans would not succeed in developing an atomic bomb. I would have done nothing all right dude. Fuck and relax. If you think that we wouldn't have come up with that thing unless you brought it up we would have right because we invented that. Did we stop at that thing. After after albert died. Well i guess that's it. Albert can't warn of of anything else. We went onto fucking nuclear weapons anyway just wanted to clarify that and defend my passed away. Countrymen um countryman with was he from all right built. Just just just stop you dumb right. Something positive changes subject. I think it is underrated. What you did for yourself and your family by stopping drinking and going to therapy. Aren't you nice after. I sat there and trust your grammar if a ginger. I love that drinker like you can do it. Anyone can do it by the way improve your german accent now. I'm not going to improve your fucking english accent. I love everybody around. The world thinks that they can imitate americans. But like you know you go to france and they don't wanna listen to your french but when you come over here i have to listen to your english. I will tuesday store. It's not z. It's the it doesn't really give our bad accent. Do when you do your hitler. bits. I don't give a shit. Thanks for cheering up my cubicle ass and leave einstein alone and go fuck yourself. I'll try to get better with the german exit. I'm just doing who i'm really doing is a what's his face from From what the fuxin. Even the movie also known as why. I love the bomb. It's one of my favorite movies of all time. And i can't remember the name of it now. I'm just not going to think of it and it'll come up to me. And then the guy. Peter who played the pink panther. I have all half information today in my in my brain. It's his version of. The german guy is who i'm doing all right. Wait a second. Let me let me look this up here. Why the fuck. Fuck and remember anything anymore. You know i'm not drinking. i stopped using deodorant. You know i don't even use deodorant anymore. You know what's funny is if you shower every day. Kind of all right. I'm not a big sweater. turns out. I'm not a big sweater so i had all that fucking aluminum absorbed into my skin for all of these fucking years. The guys right now. I mean you're talking about liberals and now you're like some hippie all right what is it peter. Why i love the bomb dr strangelove. That's it was dr strangelove. And i'm doing peter sellars impression of a nazi so take it up with him space. Dear billy lunar had totally missed out on this whole jeff bezos going to space and that dick shaped rocket which you know. He did on purpose because everyone was going to say it was a phallic symbol anyway. So he's like all right. Let's give it a fucking helmet. Lots of people coming. Jeff bezos for his trip to space. The common complaint is that he spent all this money going to space and that money could be used for people who need it. I think this is an uninformed bullshit stance. No really you're not seeing all these homeless encampments first off the amount of money it costs to go to space is one twentieth of the budget. Taxpayers handover to our military to fund research projects to make better killing machines. Okay but they're just saying he could've taken that money given to poor people you telling me. If he didn't use that money to go to space he would have just given it to the pentagon. Or you're saying that his tax money would go towards that. Maybe that's what tax dollars. Maybe that's what you're saying. So for starters. The people bitching are actually funding less productive venture while screaming blasphemy. At the rich guy. We also could just write a check or he could pay the people at amazon better money. Also let's just call a hypocritic fucking hypocrite if you have amazon packages coming into your house. Maybe don't bitch about what the guy does with the money you gave them. They're right there. Ladies gentlemen it is the end of the argument. That is a great fucking point. The amount of people that was shitting on him. That fucking you know myself included. I just pay your employees better. The poor people they got a park in the middle of the street in run the a house and run back because they don't have time to do their roots. Not to mention that this was not a taxpayer. Funded launch unlike space x which takes in huge amounts of taxpayer funding to stay operational. When my tests are driving neighbors stopped me at the end of my driveway to bitch. About jeff bezos trip. As if i give a fuck. I brought this fact about space x up and was immediately met with. That's not true. That's what people do. You brought a point that destroys my argument. I'm not gonna take it in. I still wanna be right. It is true bill but truth is apparently whatever you wanted to be these days. All right. Stop pat yourself on the fucking back. Mr so informed fuck. These uninformed pylon opinions their shit. Instagram posts tweets are just as bad as the cable news companies. You've rightfully rightfully been bitching about what you win the argument again all right. I like this guy you made to fucking tremendous points you bitch and about a guy and you fuck by shit from his company and your instagram page is just as dishonest as those news companies..

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