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Let's continue now. Album mayors spoken. This'll be daily event this week. At some point, the Governor Mike Dewine may also speak. About the circumstances in the major cities of our country, there's about thirty cities struck by vicious riots of one type or another, and coming up later about fifteen minutes from now is Carl Lewis who an eminent criminal defense attorney that mainly represents African American and others who are charged with serious crime has been a friend of mine for a very long time, but one of the things I like to do is hear from people often. That, I may disagree with it causes made to reach US my own opinions at times and other times it may cause me to test what I personally believe to see if it can go through the rigor of object analysis, and so I love I. Love having on individuals with whom at times I sometimes disagree politically, and that's what I do and talk. Radio is good as As much information as I can. And when we broke about an hour ago, with discussing the Brown Taylor Situation and Louisville in pointed out that every event is different whether it's George Floyd Brown Taylor, or what happened with the Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael, who killed Ahmed Aubrey. Each fact situation is different. There's no general conspiracy to you. Think and your own mind that. That law enforcement that you know cops corrections officers the Secret Service the FBI Deputy Sheriff City. Cops are all involved in some massive conspiracy, the object of which is to make it difficult for African American males to fully participate in this great economic experiment. We call the United States of America I. Think it's fair to say no. There's no objective indicator that we have such degrees. Degrees of institutional racism in Cincinnati Hamilton County Covington Butler, county, and and new porter and Boone County that of such a character that is discoverable, and is evidence of that I often ask those I run around within the criminal justice system whether or not they have a senior exhibited racism of one type or another on a regular basis. We all know that visual acts take place. That we disagree with conducted by persons of are same gender or race that I don't like. And a clear example for ninety nine point, nine percent of us is former police officer. Derek Calvin what he did. Even though he's a white male, I could not disagree more because he killed that man, and I said on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week on my twitter account at Willie seven hundred wwl W he killed that man, and he should be held to account, and there's no reason to torture someone to death two and a half minutes after they're dead and to keep your knee on their net grinding his face into the pavement. Equally bad whether three other police officers sworn to protect and serve who watched it going on and heard the cries of George Floyd I can't breathe. You're killing me. Mom and his mom had died two years earlier. He knew he of the. Of Death. He was handcuffed on his belly in the street with a cop with need grinding his face into the pavement, and then officers stood by and let it happen. I'm repulsed by that I watched it once my duty to watch it and I won't watch it again. It's awful to watch human being a human being die in that fashion, tortured to death by a cop on a city street with video rolling is if I can do whatever I want, if feeds into the idea of black lives, matter and That cops in general are out to get you if you're black. That is not true. That cop should be fully prosecuted. It is wrong to have general responsibility for individual acts of misconduct. Occurring by someone who looks like you that is, that is wrong. That is awful as I said last night, the Washington, post has an ongoing Tabulation and tally of those who? Are victimized by police violence of one type or another, it has happened all the time, and clearly since January first of two thousand fifteen. As far as those killed by race by the police. The chart is as statistics, DOT COM, and here's the numbers updated through may the twenty eighth of Twenty Twenty police shootings now. This would not apply what happened. When Derek Cha been murdering George Floyd does not apply because it wasn't a shooting. And in the last five years plus six months there's been two thousand, three, hundred and eighty five, so called whites. Shot? By police officers, twenty, three, hundred eighty five blacks, twelve fifty to about twice as many whites or killed. Using guns by police than blacks, even though inner city police departments come in to a population, looking for crime as identified by victims, probably more black than white. Would you agree? More black than white, but still twice as many whites or killed by police officers as as blacks. Now that doesn't mean it's good or bad. It means it is if there was a massive conspiracy afoot. The opposite would be true, but it's not true. And, so you can't take the a Taylor situation which happened on March thirteenth of Twenty Twenty, and which a tragic mistake was made. Three planes closed detectives. Serious drug dealing occurring in that apartment at a no knock warrant issued by a judge, they literally down the door, and in the bedroom, sleeping or Ken Walker the boyfriend, Brianna Taylor, who was ems working for the city of Louisville. They had no idea what was going on. So Ken Walker. The boyfriend has a gun available. And he did what I would done and what rocky boy man would've done, which is shoot at the police? The police at this point continued to believe. They're in a life and death struggle. With drug dealers and they were wrong. They had the wrong damn address. So the police returned fire about eighteen shots, Brown and Taylor was killed in the encounter. That wasn't racial. Animus, that was a tragic mistake. The COPS on occasion make it occurs. And then the other situation, my other caller talked about Gregory Mick Michael the father and and Travis McMichael The sun and Ahmed Aubrey was killed. The videotape seems to indicate that Aubrey came around the right side of the pickup truck as Gregory. McMichael, the father was exiting, and they were struggling over the gun and the mind, and neither one by the way we're police officers one had worked previously for the prosecutor's Office, but he retired somehow the sun in the back of the pickup truck thought that this Guy Aubrey was fighting with his father over a gun, and he shot and killed him. And they've been charged with murder. So what let it all sort out? There's evidence out there. That these two individuals, the perpetrator and the victim may have known each other, because they work together and security at a Spanish oriented Hispanic nightclub and I don't know what that means, if anything. With George George death because officer Derek Chalvin, worked as a security guard along with George Floyd, and the owner of the nightclub said she does not know if they knew each other. We're friends, but they worked together as security guards. She doesn't know they were friends I I don't. My. My last caller seemed indicate will possibly there was some personal animus? NPR Did a story on it and Forbes. But what difference does it make? He's in uniform. He's a cop. Allegedly George. Floyd committed a diminished offense of passing a twenty dollar forge bill, which is not good, but it's not the end of the world. You don't kill somebody for that. And so to have these protests indicating day after day night after night. We want to be hurt Dan, but you haven't heard. We get the point and we agree with you I. Just Watch Sheriff Jim Neal. On Channel Five. Smiling, and conversing with the so-called protesters at the courthouse and I didn't. I couldn't hear the audio. But it appeared. They were friendly with each other. There have been sheriffs in Michigan. Who took off the uniform and marsh with the protesters? Everyone that I know agrees with the protesters point that this was a wrongful killing. It was, and it will be prosecuted properly and down the road justice will be dispensed including the looters and the rioters and the arsonist. They're also be justice for them. But dammit, this is a good country and is run by good people, and we have good intentions every now and then things get scanned things get a little bit screwy, but at the end of the day. This is where I WANNA be. This is where I wanna live, and that's why, on Sunday, afternoon at one, o'clock I went down to ot are and walked around with a friend of mine and went over to Washington Park drove up to. Clifton saw the canes windows busted out. They were people enjoying themselves everywhere..

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