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Lead one nothing the Lightning's lone goal coming from Andre pilot was thirteen minutes and forty nine seconds to go and the second period. Dave, you just mentioned it a second ago. But both teams managing the puck a bit better defensively. In terms of the rush coverage, you not seeing so much running gun an odd man rushes going either way. The stars actually getting some pretty good offensive zone time, but not super dangerous in just one shot coming in that really long stiff chip that. They had the opening five minutes of the second period. Spats in podcast from neutralize one by the lightning headman for Girardi. And the railway beat podcast to the redlining. Never touched it. It's going to be an icy rolled past him down, the ice hockey is not happy about it. He said that he touched it or was impeded. Stick was lifted. But we didn't touch it. You can touch it. It's an icing drawn to the right of ASA last. Look like on the play his stick was lifted. But maybe he's making argument that he did touch it before. Stats and pocket. Dan. It's one by spots at the center point pass. Good read by head many fronted cog Lana. They're blocked the pass encounters side at center crocodile. I love circle shot at just over the net. Boy, didn't miss much rebound convert dispense at deals to Andrew middle, etc. Condo right circle. Shod might have been going. Why bass lobster gloves. You've just to be sure. Thirteen twenty two left in the second. One nothing. Tampa bay. Let's not man rash going the other way. It's kind of a three on two there, and Victor Hedman just rips that one you said it didn't miss by much but a good play by him overall. He kind of intercepts the pass intended for cog Liana down low and immediately goes on the offense. Sara Lee and Sagan lineup on this draw. Finding almost got caught long change in the second. Last time to say good line was out there, and they really hustled off the bench to help disrupt a play look like could have been a two zero at first blush. These one by Sara Lee, MC dot Matthew Joseph at center ice down the right wing speeds across the line, right circle. Joseph angles is way behind the net pummeled at a ban. Rag. Ilab gets a stick on it for his skin. Any script by Sara Lee? Anthony, Sarah keeps moving for Joseph right corner, Roman Polak finally steals it and turns it from euro he's gonna right wing Radulovich center lifted up mental that's a hand pass Sega band. What the fans are bellyaching about that was clear as day Sagan gloved it down and Ben touched in next. You mentioned that opportunity earlier that's one line that you don't want to have a bad line change against and that'll happen when you have tired players because the stars had some good zone time in the Lightning's in those three players combined for one hundred and three goals last season. John Cooper talks about them this morning saying they've always been effective. They've always been really dangerous now, obviously lying that they have to shutdown and and try to keep the scoresheet. Hintz wins the center ice faceoff from stamp goes the chew skins looks at in search of under pressure hints, nearly store Yanni gorgets back record when passing his skates. Fortunately, kicks it to pull up. Having a little problem. More in this period coming out of their own zone cleanly, finally Sergei to Gordon setter now to stamp goes. But he's zigzag behind polite, and that's an offside against Tampa Bay Solly the passes are completely errant, but they're like behind guys just stop the skeet, and it's slowing up the attack one of the lightning in the second. I thought that second half of the first period, especially the stamkos line. They were a great example of it. But they were executing passes a lot better than what we're seeing right now. Like, you said, Dave. Finding wanna play with pace. And when they are playing with pieces passes out of the DS owner tape to tape very difficult for the other team to deal with Sara Lee's thrown out of this neutral zone vs against Sagan. Matthew, Josefa, take it Sagan winds it. He's going back for Sega powers taking up the middle of center for the lightning. Again. The pass knocked away by Cockburn dump it down the ice Kucha. I mean down there and getting an icy who Travis tied up by hey, skinny Trump gets away. Kucherov of the right circle is getting knocked it off his stick. It's held in Strommen right point. But a quick counter. Ben garage allotted center with the lightning zone. Alexander Radulovich point is checked good work right there by mcdonagh who travel counter to mcdonagh across the blue line, right circle. Who drop moving for Alex corn, right circle. Alarm muscles his way to the right point. Dotted down low for Sara Lee, right circle. Anthony, seraglio one of them lighting of the second cycles for kucherov, right circle process. Mcdonagh missed pinballs out of the zone. Komo's pursuing mcdonagh. Mcdonagh sleeps it away, but grabbing his Radulovich, Dan, right circle. Dangerous here a shot blocked by mcdonagh fragile right corner. The right point Klingberg, Lindau shoot. Save Ascii rebound rides off left corner on that Blake Cuomo pressure by the stars here. Komo's spinning in the right corner work cross as Pollak over to try and hold it in. But he could. Fielded at center ice backer Lindell flutes in Cuomo keeps moving for Tyler pit lake right corner. Lakers jostle by Johnny, Gordon. Steals it, but his Clariant that blocked by ASA Lindelof circle. What point bit lick a little feed high slot, FOX snuggle del suits block in front. Donna got a piece of that. Again, Yanni Gord finally busting free in the right wing launches it out to center starts had more possession time here in the second period. Though, they brought some major pressure Polack back into the lightning in right circle. Here. He shoots fighting it off. Philosophy circle shock wide rate even going to be tracked by Polat. They'll scoop it out of the zone, but again, it's glove down and neutralized by Polack. You've got checked by Gordon. Stamkos is gonna ram it in. But not all the way down the ice. Glen. You cannot get a full change here. He's gonna in regrouping in his own analyzing to get a couple of forwards off the ice. Right side, beats better zoom into the lightning. And that's the right circle. Shoots. Vassal ask any holds on ten twenty seven left in the second. You can feel momentum tilting toward the stars lighting after find a way to turn that faucet off. They still lead one nothing that was an incredibly long shifts for Ryan mcdonagh. He has the farthest to go on the line change that all started. When he had that great plan Radulovich goes in on the rush. She still didn't get a chance to get off the ice. He was on there for at least two minutes on the play that little plastic part that protects your skate when you're trying to block a shot. He blocked his shot. It broke the plastic part off. I think they took it off the ice. But you could just see he was absolutely gassed a much needed to whistle for him. He was the only defenceman and the only player on that line change that wasn't able to off the ice. Brayden point wins the zone face up and hands heading in his checked in the far corner donuts. Use gonna steal Val the juice skin left circle drops at centerpoint Kleinberg shoot walking away. Celeski rebound had been up the far side a penalty coming up, and this is going on head than I think he was trying to get the puck. I might have grabbed the stars player in the two skin. So Dallas will get the first power play chance of the night. Head into the box at nine forty eight. Headwinds usually so good at that too. Just getting the one arm on this because he has such a great reach. It makes it so hard. We got an extra two Kelly because he argued so it turned into a four minute double minor sorry about that on the replaying. He does get the hand off. But we're so used to seeing him do that because he likes to extend that reach with one hand on a stick and. That's tough. Four minutes to have to take right now in a game where the stars are starting to get some momentum offensively with a couple of chances in these last three minutes. I know you want to believe it all players are treated equally. But I mean Victor Hedman a Norris trophy winner. I think he deserves a little latitude. First penalty the game, and they slap them with an extra two for arguing. That's a tough pill to swallow for the lightning. Bannon stamp goes to the right of ASA Laskey. Won by Ben. But a false starts stars are eleven to the league in the power play. Twenty one point six percent lightning. Seventh on the penalty. Kill at Eighty-three percent. If the stars can score in the first two minutes, they'll stay in the power play for another two minutes. Bannon stamp goes both allowed to stay in there. And it's one by stamp goes the puck rolls behind the lightning that stall that is after it, and he backhands it out nicely done down the. Jon Greenberg will regroup behind the stars net. Dallas gates left right in the second. I power play chance of the night stars get two of them back to back. Bloomberg. This is it for Jason specif-. That's barreling down the right side at center into the lightning zone, right circle. Made a move to get open takes it behind the net tried to center at back on the nearside post. But then couldn't get to it. You kind of fumble it installing says thank you very much and drills down the ice. Three twenty three left to the double minor one of lightning in the second. John Klingberg Medalla Zo. Watson to center ice of middle. Fox chips it in and pursues left circle. He gets ticked by Gordy. Bobbled the clarion attempt radical out on keep right circle shooting block it away by ASA Lasky Siegen left circle. Centerpoint Klingberg Tyler Sagan left point on the power play angles to the left corner. Centerpoint Kleinberg teased drag right circle shot picked up by Vasyl off the puck right back to Radloff, right circle. Centerpoint klingberg. Stars on the power play here right corner, centering feed from FOX out to see the left circle shot. And it went over the net might have been deflected Klingberg right point breaks stick as he shot or he just mopped it, and it got blocked by Gordon pocket clears it down the ice break for the lightning. There is a little bit of a misfire on the shot from Klingberg to thirty left in the penalty. It's one of the lightning bureau. He skip marches out to center he's getting dances into the Lightning's on. Right. So go to Conrad Seapower playtime. Phosphates comes to ban left circles. Check and Callahan will bus freak out to the red line. Feels a little clock was back to his own zone. Cockburn to ten left in the penalty and Coburn will sweep it down the near sideline linked to the ice. Should take care of the first penalty tool. One now left the double minor spats another us at center ice. He's check by Matthew Joseph all connect with Girardi in the right wing and Gerardi will smash it down the ice once more. One fifty left on the back end of this four minute penalty to headman wondering lightning still he's going into center. Ice drop feet finds a sticker Klingberg to the red line and then now spats backer. Jamie back across Glenys trip in the line. They're going to be down to men. Unbelievable. Here's spats on the delayed. Call right circle decent spats as feed Sagan left point. It's going to be a long five on three for the stars delayed penalty right now for six on four Radloff right circle shot missed wide left gone on carries. The puck all the way back to the stars in the headman penalty is ticking down a bit here. Klingberg? We're kind of on the right wing white. He stopped to touch the puck though. Radloff high slot feeds an into the goalie one of the stars players running into vassal lives game. I wonder if that will negate that was Jamie Ben that penalty that was upcoming on the lightning one ten left the headman minor. There was a penalty coming up at the lightning. But Ben may have taken a goalie interference penalty during. The penalty. Call. Seraglio to the box for tripping. Oh, absolutely. He just barrelled over vacillates. I think that's obvious. Call to make. The fact that the stars had that long six on four cost them a five on three in a weird way. It's not a trip, but Anthony Sarah at the blue line on the initial delayed penalty is called for interference on Ben. They called interference. I thought it was a tripping obviously kind of stepped into him, but they called it an interference in or maybe it was actually the other way it could've been Jamie. Benn getting an interference against Andrei goaltender interference. I didn't hear the announcement of the surly penalty figured it was tripping. So it turns into minor penalties on both teams. It stays of five on four for a minute. Ten boxer wins the draw from stamkos Klingberg center point a shot shot-blocking front. Mcdonagh grabs it holds onto it. Turns it out to one one short eighty staffers across the line, right circle. Back in front podcast just out of his reach. He would add a tap in lightning. Do not score. In the shorthanded rushed out to the other way with numbers into the right circle. Little pass in front blocked. Rebound grabs by FOX, right circle. Centerpoint Kleinberg, left circle Sagan shoot say by that's Alaskan Strommen it down the ice forty seconds left in the headman penalty to lightning dodged a big bullet..

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