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So like i said. We got a lot to discuss with a lot of interesting people on today's program a little later on in the show my friends. We're going to talk to a man that i actually wanted to talk to last year. Prior to the conor mcgregor versus donald cerrone fight. his name. is phil sutcliffe. He's a two time olympic boxer. He's the current head coach and administrator over at the crumlin boxing club. He is conor mcgregor's first ever boxing coach and he coached connor from around age. Ten to seventeen than they parted ways. Kind of course going down. The may have but they recently reconnected prior to the ceremony fight and he was part of his team for that fight and he's a part of his team once again for this fight against us emporia on january twenty third and i think there's some great symbolism involved there with connor kind of going back to his roots evolving maturing changing in front of our eyes to reconnect with the guy who got him into the fight game I think is a really interesting things. So i wanted to talk to fill last year. Didn't get a chance this time around. We did speak to him. Will air a portion of that conversation later in the program will also talk to dan hooker. Who's fighting the komen event of ufc. Two fifty seven january. Twenty third in abu dhabi. He goes up against michael chandler. Huge fight at one fifty five talk to him about that fight. How came together and whole lot more. Of course he's coming off the loss to dustin pedroia. He's interested things to say about that. Fight back in june. My round of the year you may recall from last week round two in particular was my round of the year will also talk to calvin cater and max hallways so calvin cater max hallway. Of course headlining the c. Showed this saturday in abu dhabi. The very first show on. Abc the very first. You have see cars. The very i m e card on. Abc of course. A emma has aired on cbs on nbc on fox but never on abc and to me. This is the biggest the of the mall of course because of the long and rich history of boxing on. Abc's this is really big deal. It's a really big fight. For calvin cater had a great twenty twenty two wins for him against top level competition. If you win this fight he could very well be next for the one forty five pound title and we suspected that title fight will be vulcan off. Ski alexander volcan off ski to be exact defending against bryner. Tak- may be on march twenty seven. We know about the pay per view on march. Sixth headlined by israel destiny. Ever john hobich. I reported couple of weeks ago. March twenty seventh Is looking like the second pay per view that month. So they're gonna go with two in march that could be where steep a mio cheech and francis in ghana to lands and maybe even Now both fights not official. But that's what's been discussed by the way. We found out earlier on wednesday march thirteenth. It's going to be leon edwards Of the third time that they book it was supposed to happen. Originally december nineteenth that january twentieth. Now they're going to go for a third crack at it on march thirteenth. Hopefully it happens. Wanna see that very much. And oh by the way Dana white telling the mac life on wednesday as well that they're in talks with nathan d as for fight at one fifty five. I've heard the same and he could be returning in march as well. So march shaping up to be a big month for the you have c. But january is a big month as well. Abc on saturday. The january twentieth card headlined by neil. Magny michael kiss and then of course the return of conor mcgregor on january twenty third for now though. Let's kick it off with the man. Who will be headlining the saturday's card the former. Ufc featherweight champion. The pride of why. Hawaii the one and only max blessed holloway enjoy. Let's kick things off today with the man who will be headlining. The very first mixed martial arts event ever broadcast on abc. Yes the american broadcast company will be airing mixed martial arts for the very first time in. Its history other. Hasn't been fighting of any kind on this network since june of two thousand. This is a network by the way which i started airing. Boxing matches back in nineteen forty nine so this is a massive massive deal and that man right over there max. Holloway himself will be one half of the headliner. He's going up against calvin catered this saturday afternoon. Great to talk to him once again. Max how are you. i'm good. I'm good i'm excited. I'm excited to be on abc. I'm excited we got. We got fans back the I can't wait to dan dusing so i'm just curious like when you heard that you were going to be a part of the very first. Ufc on abc card. Did that mean anything to you. Were over time. Have you kind of figured out. How big a deal this is. I mean a lot. You know we see post like like this is what twenty one years the first time they have a combat sports on it in like you said they call you just said that is the first time they having anime ever on abc. So it's i mean it's super huge and it's like no you could be flipping through the channel would see fights on so it's it's crazy. It's it's insane. In is a blessing to be a part of something so big in our sport of the great muhammad ali fought on. Abc either live or tape nineteen times. Abc kind of helped make mohammad-ali household name. And so i'm wondering for you getting this opportunity. Getting the shine does it. Maybe add a little pressure shoulders. You know now that there's gonna be tons more people potentially watching you.

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