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Gortex brand name ski parkas with their perfectly perfectly of their thermal underwear that's all high gear with the perfect waterproof a gloves that they they have any that in have ski caps of the type we have have any they had leather boots they didn't have the little girl he boots with the lambskin you know the a high of lambskin that they have today with a cute little colorful nofee laser no listen have they all those little packets that you think about eighteen miles they march in the bitter cold to surprise general cornwallis and we compliant and say what i say to my kids suck it up buttercup i am tired of this was sophistication of of america and it's encouraging people to be overly dramatic and and it's encouraging people watch this to think well all i gotta go now i gotta go to the store on my garbage and then you go there and you can't you know you can't get a a box of tissues and forget by the by the way buying a bag of salt i have a fraught walkway that turns into lake placid out front okay i'm ready to do a triple lutz every time i go to the car that's really bad for your cement anyway it each right through the rats hot holes los angeles live there is lay down an an and then shuttle it always get the pet safe saw left never work a hat say forward is that we should give boots for the dogs dogs are going to be fine lines you don't keep him out all night w on speaking of the dogs i'm going to post on our facebook a well yesterday was around one of elf off the shelf in today is round two of elf off the shelf who win the battles speed battle the prince it who'll win the battle of the elf jimmy or anti that's going to be on our facebook page all right eight five five forty laura do you agree with me that we have become what's the fide in certain parts of the country because of this dramatic hyperbolic reporting on things cold weather and by the way the global warming people have all you don't hear from them much right they're like well they're the one they're the ones who are stocking up the most the global warming people iowa change laura climate change alec totally it's like it's like the.

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