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Then. I'm very very cool about it like stallone. I worked with him two weeks. We're at the last. Go sly cool at that point. You call me pippi longstocking because i had at least that's what my face on the c._g._i. So he said i hear pippi. What are you doing doing. I'm like hey we saw my ramble lunch box. You get a rambling bucks got you. How old are you forty six years old you gotta reimbursable lunch and he signed it and had a thermos in and he couldn't believe it but then you have it before or did you know you got it. You've found ebay. I swear i had the ramble lunchbox and i'm like oh my god. I'm going to have the ramble lunch but was that on guardians guardians james gunn may be the most famous friend now do you ever i think we can talk about this because james wallis and he's one of my best friends as well. Do you think you ever like killed it for him and scooby doo. What does he put me in guardians. I know i killed it for him. In school i mean the guy tried edition for guardian. I guess for the for prats you know he was brilliant. Uh i'm just saying i went to. I did tasers face. Oh and i was like chris. Elvin was and i i was like and i saw him the night that same night. He had a party that the same day audition and he came up to. He's like oh my god. You're good. Thank god so as good so i was in the running but i didn't get all right so yeah. He loves you and i love him. I love him and often enough but i want but look. There's no doubt like semi twitter recently. What is the what role do you want and i was like whatever movie james guns doing realizes yeah because i i because i i love him. I don't know i do too. Some people go dude. He's doing guardians. Why don't you ask you don't ask he's my one of my best friends if he wants to put me in something. He'll turn give me. He knows he knows his job. Snail internally grateful for it but that's but that's the thing is you go back to and you're in it. I was in the idea of going back to like. It's heart heart. I mean you want to be number one on the call sheet you want that job and it's like even your good friend. You're not working for. I mean that's the thing that's crazy to me. I mean i i look at the producers. This could be due at mike. You guys have made like richard sokoll and chuck grove and you guys have made a lot of really big movies. There's not a part you know. There's there's no way that i can i can i come in and audition like can i at least fight for the job. Dude i listen the reality. Is i look. We've all worked. I remember i did urban legend right after screaming people. Call it a scream rip off but you know i enjoyed it. I loved it. I thought it was fun. Movie and all those huge producers neil merritt sir. He came up to me one day and goes. You're the next tom hanks of course. I knew i was not the next tom hanks. Nobody could be the next. Tom hanks but i loved it. I was young league room like fuck yeah never heard from this guy but he does all these big giant movies that make billions of dollars. He couldn't have said hey rosenbaum becoming and give ten lines signs in one scene and crush it now one call i could tell you this is about the one guy that does it. James gunn put me in the movie and my buddy dax shepard bird dax shepard every movie. He's made he's on rosie. I got a real for you. Rosie got this for it's like when you think of working with your friends is the best time. How many times do i hear yeah. You're good friends with jason reitman r. m. mike i am. I love jason. Why hasn't he put you anything. I'm like maybe i'm not right for the five hundred roles. Maybe i'm not good now. He auditioned for something in up in the air and i was not good. I was not good in the audition seriously. I don't know i just kind of winged it. I don't i sometimes uh-huh self destructive it is i don't wanna put here's the thing i don't wanna put so much. <hes> although i'm doing it right now he sends you put so much work into something then you don't get it. It's like fuck. I just felt like i just worked for two weeks for something that i didn't even get you know that is you know but but i go. I know sounds like yeah. I know now. The idea is that it's two weeks. At least you're working on something two weeks a purpose network arc. That's that you're collecting all the collect hours if you believe in ten thousand hours you like oh dude. I'm just collecting hours lillard yeah. The light just went off. I now understand exactly what you're fucking talking about. You're saying that that two weeks of me busting my ass is fulfilling and it's like i just about result to give me a hot do here this tyler. This is really good advice this. This is like tyler when you leave here and you're edit that shitty podcast. What do you do with the rest of the day. Go the coffee bean. Why don't you fucking party so i mean life bastard. I think i think it's a universal thing for like millennials right now to put so much stake stake in work and to put so much worse than how much you work. You know there was a time where i was working like one or two days a week and i was like how do i get that to five. How do i what why i mean i super hard and i do think that there's a lot of people out there who are doing work with the express purpose of a result that is going to further them right. My argument is that if you're living the life of a craftsman that it's actually just doing the work is the point that is not the shoe you turn out that's important. It's the lifetime shoes instead of your out to have a better work ethic. I think i don't know i don't i don't know about. I don't know you're you're here doing in this. I mean this is a workout that guy. I really worked hard. I'm going on this edition first time in a while that i it was something i really liked and i've put some time into it. Let's have put some time. I'm into it because i think it's really good and i think that's another thing if you're like excited about something because you think it has potential and it's good but like for me sometimes when i'm like i get sort of what's the word i don't know. I don't know if it's bored or <hes> just lack of interest epithet apathetic but i'm like oh. It's another one of these. They want me to play this guy the same guy that i have have done before or they want me to do this or not interested. There's this one with a huge director huge writer oscar award winner that they wanted me to read for and i didn't say no. I think the guy is brilliant. I think the whole thing's brilliant. It's just not what i want to. I don't want to just say oh. I'm working with an academy hatemi award winner or i'm working with. That's i mean i do too but i don't want to do something because it's everyone's perception of me of if i do it. They'll go oh he's working with. I just didn't particularly like with what it was. I just didn't like it yeah. The question isn't what you what do you like. I like you. I like tyler tyler. I like i mean that's the thing is like so. I'm saying is that finding something that turns you on and chance what it is deals like you have to find line returns. You want and just chase. It and it's going to end up where it's gonna end up but it's the it's the hunt that is super rewarding life. This is rewarding to me i after after an hour ago wow i really liked got him so full of life so many great stories to tell. I haven't told any stories have i haven't really aren't you glad we really didn't talk talk about like all the stuff that people always ask you about yeah. We really didn't did we are we done. I'm not done. I'm just saying like for instance okay. You have the three children so many. Are you emotional. Are you do you do you show your emotions like my dad. Never cried dead. Never told me love me. My dad poor me. I'm not saying and then i'm just saying my dad was one of those tough guys mowed the lawn with without a grass catcher rocks and dog shit are flying in his face. He didn't care and have you. Have you told that story. That's how you describe your dad often now. That was the first time i every said that. That is an amazing. I wrote a pile that i sold the fox years ago. Oh and that was the description of my father was the last time so are you so you have you taken that stoic nature in your life. I mean yeah. I think think i'm i'm gonna blow smoke up my ass. 'cause i have a lot of fucking insecurities and weaknesses but i definitely am. I giving loving there for you when you need me person as i am also very steal the spotlight kind of fucking center of attention and can be annoying as shit can be all those things but i know now that i'm actually have a really big heart always available so you only child no. I'm kind of in the middle. My mom had two kids and divorce married my dad when he was eighteen had me so the middle then my brother then my dad. They got divorced and he had two more kids but it's kind of all over the place but they don't talk but anyway. Are you emotionally the kids. Do you see anything that you cry. Why in your kids see you cry ever. Is that why you're not in a long term partnership. Why do you think because you're i mean the the the modeling modelling of partnership that your dad had and sort of its result on you. I mean you're a caring person and you have the sense of depth aw gat. You're saying yeah yeah odd to me that you're not in a partnership. I mean not that. I'm judging it. I'm just curious at some point at forty six. He's into forty-six. I'll be forty forty seven so the idea of why am i not in a partnership must be question your life somewhere right. I want to be an apartment. So what do do you see any similarities with any woman with my mother. <hes> run as far as i can. If i see anything where it resembles any kind of <hes> i i don't wanna be you know i'm i'm not judgmental. I just know what's not right for me. I'm a you know. I have a lot of energy kind of guy gets a little moody usually funny and always always a good time. It's fun but i'm very typical and i'm very open about everything. You know. I need someone who's not as the energy i am. I'm sure your wife is probably keeps. You diametrically opposed exactly and that's what i think i need so you know. I'm going on a date tonight. Actually let's get you know l. Her i met her on a dating site and so what i do is i have these things where when i go out i <hes> i have a lunch. If we're taking a chance at like meeting for the first time let's have lunch. Let's have a snack because you might not like me and you can go home in an hour because it's watch if i commit to dinner with you. This could be nightmare. Let's not set up a nightmare. We haven't met unless you wanna facetime for a few times do something to get to see other so that's sort of ammo i like. I think it's better than going on tons of dates. It's like hey. I don't even consider today. It's okay we're too friendly people seeing if we want to have a date later and when you sit down is there pressure to be on no no no. I'm on but you just said that. I'm on a lot that has to be. I'm naturally on i'm now. I'm not trying. I like i'll pretty much say everything. I'm not trying to impress them as much as i am trying to dissuade them. No that's not true. Show you all the bad stuff unless shit with the door open. Sometimes i don't want to miss anything. I am broken. I'm unbroken a lot of places but i need you know but there's one girl she was. You know look again this woman. This girl condescending. I put a forty five forty six yeah. Maybe i don't know who's best. Maybe i don't want to be a lump. I don't want to get married because i don't wanna be alone. No i wanna fall in love. I've been in relationships but i just i don't like quick. Look i have two great dog. She met them wrestle with them on the floor. I love them and i love them. I have a great assistant. It's like a marriage but we're not attracted to each other <hes>. We're just it's it's business and she's cool and you know it's nice to have so much comes over every day and i have friends ends. I have a good life. I have good decent family so what i mean unless it's just something that goes wow. I'm not gonna like just get married to get married guidelines advocate. I know you got lucky yeah super. Is that one you met in europe or is it now yeah..

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