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Welcome back, this is the Ben Shapiro show so Robert Muller has brought a new indictment in his case this time it is a twenty nine year old Russian named Maria Bettina and she is. Basically this red headed supposed gun right's activist who spent an awful lot of time since two thousand thirteen going to Republican functions, ingratiating herself, with pro gun rights people and, then, she was using those program rights people to get the politicians. Want you to fix me up with congressman Dana Rohrabacher for example and somebody rights organization would say well this seems like a nice pro. Gun rights lady from Russia I'll fix. Dana Rohrabacher and then she'll go. And try and create a back channel between those congress people and members of the Russian government this is. What, the indictment basically says, so Cording to law. And crime the woman who the department of Justice has charged for, allegedly failing to properly register as a. Russian operative well in the United States. Apparently break several times she helped the campaign of. President Trump communicate with the Russian government Maria Latina twenty nine was charged. Saturday the complaint was not unsealed until Monday July sixteenth. Routine is alleged bragging about the Trump campaign connections was reported in February two thousand seventeen By the Daily Beast the original report is now getting. Renewed attention. Due to the criminal complaint the. Daily Beast report says she was in business with Republican activist, Paul Erikson and previously worked with Alexander torsion a member of Putin's political, party who wants served as a Russian Senator before becoming a leader of the central Bank of Russia so Paul Erickson it should be said is a very active member of sort of. Upper ranking Republican circles Paul Erickson hobnobs with a lot of prominent Republicans I've met Paul Erikson at David Horowitz freedom center event, and always, a nice guy apparently he had, formed, some sort of company with this marina Maria Latina but there. Are no allegations that he actually violated the law so the big question is whether people who are fixing up Tina with actual members of. The American government knew she was Russian. Agent and whether the people in. The American government knew she was Russian agent and even if they did not use the Russian agent there's. Nothing, wrong with the bat, channel so long as. No actual illegal activity took place is there a bunch of holes, that still have to be filled in. The leftovers jumping into the conclusion that. Patina is the go-between between Trump and the Russian government that she is the nexus of all collusion Those. Charges are not in this indictment so this is people jumping to. Conclusions, and, pretty significant way who Tina reportedly brags about the Trump campaign twice once during November twelve twenty sixteen birthday party said to have been attended by Ericsson and Trump. Campaign aides at, a cafe near American, University in Washington DC she brazenly claimed she'd been part of the. Trump campaign's communication with Russia to individuals who were. Present said according to the Daily Beast however doctor Svetlana, sovereign sky who's a professor. At American University said that Boutin amid the same Clinton class the second. Time she bragged about the alleged connection supposedly she tried to. Broker a meeting between Trump and Putin in two thousand sixteen, again that doesn't necessarily mean election collusion they could've met for any reason now presidential candidates meet with a lot of foreign powers that doesn't necessarily. Mean that they are colluding with those foreign powers to, change the the effects of an election. People are jumping to the most ridiculous conclusions about. All of this my favorite is this political reporter today who tweeted out this morning a picture from the Oval Office is a picture of President Trump moving to shake hands with Sergei Lavrov who's the foreign minister Stir of Russia as well as ambadssador ambassador Sergei Kislyak and then. In the very very background there's a redhead there's a redhead in the background and, this woman is kind, of a pretty redhead And Emily singer who reports from Mike tweeted. Out I thought..

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