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I think tommy is number. One of the bullet based on insistance exit interviews based on her relationship with tommy all season long. It was always tommy tommy tommy and she hated christie for a good couple of weeks before four. She finally came back around on her. I definitely feel like this is a vote in tommy's a favor if they are in the jury together the other votes that i think might be swayed in <hes> in christie's favor and that's my opinion on this melissa yeah. I mean i could see that for sure. I could also see i could see a situation where this is like. Chrissy didn't vote me out. You know and like uses that as like okay what i'm going to christie christie. Whatever in her injury. I'm pretty sure she was asked directly like do you blame tommy for ruining absolutely not yeah. I mean you could be ms remembering. How maybe i do see a situation where you know the more they think about it or like. I could've still been in the house at christie's the only one who didn't betray me. I don't know i see zero point this. She's always liked talking about always like tommy better than his hated christie or disliked her for a portion of the season but when you get to the end and you have a chance to vote it's may become a a appealing for sister vote for christie and that she's the one who campaigned and got sick. Sow al and you kind of want to give person your vote like they did. It sound like sisto. I feel like she could be influenced by people in the jury i take your point that we don't honor roane. We'll do because on around like okay. That's very different than what people would influence her like. She do whatever people influenced her to do. Yeah i mean for sure i mean i think she definitely is influenced by jack. I also personally feel like jack is is going to remain in pro tommy. That's that's my view on that autumn jackson christie fan right and this is a universe where tommy and christine end up in the final which i think is very likely right now one of them being there is certainly like we but not both of them so hopefully we won't even have to see that 'cause i. It's tommy and christie of the i don't i don't i don't want to lose so then they feel. Nick is the next most most likely which yeah i see that then holly cliff. It's really hard to anybody other than tom your christie yeah i agree jess nicole and then jackson last which it's probably fair probably fair. She holds a grudge. I wanted to know who you voted for it to be america's prankster forty eight percent said nicole thirty three percents that cliff ten percents nick pretty closely resembled my poll on twitter so not super surprising how you feel about the americas prankster twist <hes> zero being you hate it one hundred being you'll love it. It got thirty. One negative people do not like america's prankster. I'm not sure any twist. This season has broken like fifty percent..

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