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Cincinnati got off to a great star. But it's Iowa that has the momentum into the locker room thirty six thirty one Cincinnati has the lead. But the Hawkeyes have triple was a thirteen point deficit down to five along with ran for shila here in our Westwood One studios. France, oh, look if I were to forty three percent, they're only going to have four turnovers have a thirteen point lead. They don't usually let teams get back in different story today because Iowa can put the ball in a basket couple turnovers. Led this Amisi opportunities. Joe camp is a good freshman, man. He and he had ten points for Iowa. And if you're if you're Mick Cronin in that locker room, you've got to remind your team, look, we can be up thirteen but this team not always a great defensive team better this year than in past can really scored a ball. They wanna get up and down those shoot quickly. We can't Luca Garza both with ten in the opening half for the Hawkeyes. And again, they had five turnovers in the opening eight minutes to face that thirteen point deficit after that they only gave it away. Twice the rest of that. All right one other game in progress. That's it. It's the eight nine matchup between Oklahoma and ole miss and the south regional they're playing that in Columbia, Oklahoma got out to a four nothing lead. Kermit Davis took a time out for ole miss a minute twenty into the game. And it wasn't the best of timeouts because Oklahoma was in twelve nothing. Fran there thirty six twenty one eight forty five to go in the opening happen. Oklahoma only scores seventy points a game. They have struggled to score all season long. But they have found a gem lately in Christian Doolittle who in the last ten games of the sooner season averaged sixteen and eight what makes him so difficult, and again Kerma Davis is finding out the hard way today at six seventy scores inside he's got a great mid range jump shot can shoot two three got got the whole package, and he is on fire twenty one point so far to this point. They are four four beyond the arc. Seventy five percent from the floor thirty six twenty one. It's the only other game in progress will get you there on the other side. You're listening to the men's basketball tournament.

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