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So they decided to do something different with said they would Market the film not on its stars but to Market it much more like a horror film in space much more like alien, which didn't have a lot of stars to it Star Wars of course was at that time the number one box office film of all time by that point and that didn't have a lot of stars. They sold their Concepts instead of its Stars. So they decided to re-edit the film. They wanted to remove some of the pacing issues involved and making much more terrifying so they removed a lot of the Romantic elements within the story and they removed a lot of the sympathetic portrayal of Hector that was put in here. He was much more like a Frankenstein monster in his contacts were supposed to sympathize with it, but they removed all of that to make a much more menacing because they wanted to capitalize on the slasher horror wave that was very popular with younger viewers and to ride the success of alien so 7 a.m. Minutes of Saturn three were gutted by afd shortly before they put the film into theaters one scene that was cut from the film involves a dream sequence that was accompanied to some Elmer Bernstein composed. Disco New Jersey was the composer of the film Alex. Farrah Fawcett is in this very sexy black PVC outfit the picture of her in that outfit is on some of the original posters for this film, even though it does feature in the theatrical cut. There was also another drug-induced dream sequence where Alex and Adam murder Benson and there was also that aforementioned scene where Hector dismembers Benson's body while mimicking his birthday and repeating his words identical to that earlier scene where Hector is disassembled. There was also a scene cut out where Adam goes outside of the lab with Hector to the outside environment into space buggy to do some daily chores collecting rocks and such but when you watch the final film, it's really Adam out there alone the network television premiere though did restore about 10 minutes of some of that exercised footage, but they did cut out a lot of the graphic scenes of violence in the, New Jersey. Of course for a television showing now I did mention Elmer Bernstein was the composer but the score is mostly not in this film. The score is much more experimental for Elmer Bernstein at this point, but Stanley donen not like the Erie and rock tinged introductory theme music that Bernstein has composed because he felt that it said a very spoofy tone to the movie that it really didn't work with the much more darker new cut of old films. So the opening of the film where they display the titles of the film it's in complete silence instead. So when you're watching this film you think maybe something's on mute but they actually have no theme music whatsoever which is kind of a rarity wage don't and also removed a lot of other music that he did the love sweet especially dubbed Alex's theme because he felt that it's softened the Sinister momentum of the new cut of the film Bernstein would repurpose that piece of news by the way for harness theme the following year. If you watch Heavy Metal the one that came out in 1981 the animated feature he recycles some of the work that didn't make it into Saturn 3, his score did not get rep. East at that time until many years later on CD and it contains a lot of the music intended but not used in the final film..

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