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Over many colts fans talking about the fourth round pick that was made by Indianapolis this afternoon Washington quarterback Jake up Easton some fans happy about it some are a little skeptical there have been talks about some criticism but Jacob Easton and his style but after he was drafted you talk to Indianapolis media and says he is ready to prove the doubters wrong and you know my job to go in there and improve prove those those stories are false and then go on their clothes and stuff to get in with the outstanding team you know I'm not going there this is this this viruses is calm down go on there and this could be my stuff and then go in there and prove myself as a work force and leader and I last year as a junior at Washington over thirty one hundred passing yards twenty three touchdowns eight interceptions completing sixty four percent of his passes colts GM Chris Ballard says he expects Easton to compete with Chad Kelly for the third quarterback spot behind Philip rivers in Jacoby percent but at the same time Ballard says Easton still has to make the team other players trapped by the cold today ball state guard Danny Pinter Penn state defensive tackle Robert Windsor the colts also made a trade with the jets they send Quincy Wilson to New York in return they were able to get another six round pick they got UMass cornerback Isaiah Rogers then they finished up the draft with Washington state wide receiver Desmond Patman and Michigan safety Jordan Glasgow with network Indiana sports I'm rod comics welcome back one J. M. B. rejoined the John.

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