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Staff I don't think it's that unusual that a rooster watches your show I have my out all the time when I'm watching the show it's nothing to crow about I'm sorry for the fall language W. that doesn't work not Roger Hedgecock okay in other news just when we're feeling better math alligators really yeah now we have to worry about this is I blame him for everything only Transamerica couldn't Tennessee police warn people watching or drugs down the toilet because again Carlos is in here what did he warned about in the as of right now and up on their hind legs should up baby children alligators and bowler hats walk around their hind legs to not be children well would not be put a meth alligator would do there are met alligators people maybe she got a math attacks were to come to the house either that will go feeling it's still a loser for the for the squirrel hello a Tennessee police department warning regs presents a stop flushing drugs down the toilet and sinks out of fear that can create math Gators they also said ducks geese and other foxholes record our treatment ponds and we shudder to think what all one all hyped up on math would do what some a lot like Dana Loesch I'm guessing you have so yeah whatever what's another large bird we have that's more and and culture yeah yeah yeah yeah that's a myth bird that's enough that I ever heard one that's the best bird for sure okay bird people how many times do we have to go over things Intel trumps America do not eat frozen not gets chicken nuggets off the highway that build on the highway right the ship don't give your school math don't give don't flush your math down the toilet don't give your squirrel math what do you do with them right you can go to the school on the campus down the toilet god sakes don't ship of bishop breath how many times.

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