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Straight victory the Mystics hot shooting first half was enough to snap a two -game slide with a 96 -88 victory over the Indiana Fever Brittany Sykes led all scores with 29 points by far her season high and Ariel Atkins also had a season best in scoring with 26 she added 11 rebounds for her first double -double before the game there there was a moment of silence for Nicky McCrae -Penson the third overall pick in the 1998 WNBA draft in time three All -Star with the Mystics who died Friday at the age of 51 read more about the Hall of Famer's remarkable impact on women's basketball on WTOP .com Rob Woodfork WTOP Sports coming up after traffic and weather Ukraine has been requesting cluster munitions in order to defend its own sovereign The White House makes the controversial decision to send cluster bombs to Ukraine. We'll have the very latest on that. It's now 526. And now the small business buzz packaged by the UPS store. SBA The is putting together its second annual small business cyber summit. It'll be available in segments online with new modules posted every Wednesday in October. Small businesses are particularly susceptible to cybercrime because of less secure infrastructure, but most can't afford professional IT teams or have time to devote to cybersecurity. The SBA Cybersecurity Summit is free with registration online. I'm Jeff playback at the UPS store. Not every small business needs the same thing, but every small business needs something with a scanning and faxing store, the printing store, the packing

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