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This real estate agent who was a friend of a friend kept pestering us to look at this house and we had thought about a house. Maybe Connie family had a lot of bedrooms and stuff for. Her all her siblings and stuff to grand, and this sounds was not for rent the. We stopped in there on the way to the airport. And we spent an hour or two wandering through this overgrown. Kona but with this beautiful. Japanese Architecture. D- By Dope. growers. Beautiful, house of not dancing but. I mean. Just a wonderful I am we We. Fell in love and. Put an offer on it we closed. Three days we were married. So we LE- honeymoon dare and. Hawaiian music began to take its Its effect on me. So. It was there when the house burned down. We had another house and it was in Kona and it turned out there was a Waldorf school. We were getting ready to spend our lives driving our son from point Reyes Hill dewilder school in. Lucas. Valley. and. Good Lord there was we've done a Waldorf kindergarten ten minutes from our house and we wow, okay. We're gonNA live in Conan. Because really wanting to come back. She come back here South Carolina. and. I want to go to Kona and and the Waldorf. Kindergarten well established. There and that was a plus your argument side. Yes. And Tristan my son who has four She said I'm full. Genome. But. You know I'm an full but. I knew Tristan was coming his let A. Lot of man. She. Had heard about him just hunted made a friend of kid who. In a restaurant in Kona when we were visiting that went to school. So one morning we will up with after the fire and we're all stunned. disappeared. and. He said I WANNA go to school and. called. The we haven't had the number 'cause the kids had a play day. down. there. And she said, you know I've heard about Tristan thought he might be coming here. I said well. It's a hell of a way to get here lose your house like that but done. Maybe Madame Palay. A has some workforce to do the volcano goddess. Yes yes, and the work was to build. That kindergarten out into A. K. through a Waldorf school which really which my my sweetheart spearheaded. took. Took years. To do that but. What a gift and then before we left it became. A. Or? After we'd left for we left in two thousand six. Connie's family was here in South Carolina, and she wanted some time with them. But it became a a public school. So that, all the kids. The underprivileged kids in. Up in Calicut. Got US a school. To go to I mean it's got a waiting list off the charts but because it is still Waldorf. Inspired Curriculum I. Guess He just say the word God or something it's not the Waldorf is. Well spiritual thing but it's not a religion or anything it's It's head heart and hands. You know. When you teach a kid like that. If you teach him, he's drawn to what resonates in his heart or her and. that. MAKES AVID students. I really fell in love with Waldorf Education. That school is thriving there. Now you know had. Maybe. Forty kids in the kindergarten. For five hundred now they they had their own out organic farm. This forty acres that. The Connie Baugh and we built a school on. And So this place for a form that was, and that was part of the master plan that there be an organic farm and then the kids learn about 'cause Waldorf they teach how to gross stuff. I mean they teach kids. That's part of the. Kindergarten curriculum. Well. What kindergarten doesn't want to get their hands dirty? Yes exactly and I learned to play a Ukulele because their teacher left. And I thought well, it can't be too hard I. Only four search. And Connie. Who's been a by witnessed like Kim violinist started here can when she was three she taught. Violin and I Louis for a couple of years and. Well. I mean I. The I. At Teachers? My estimation of t shirts just soared to the roof I thought as I was. Having trouble holding onto this one class. Myself, how'd they teach a math? If I can get them to focus on something? That's this much fun. How the hell. Pizza, Matara so yeah, it was A. Wonderful thing I became a teacher became a an organic farmer. And I lost the host on California enriched up but not the studio. Now, my daughter has just completed a record up their jazzy young. and. Lot of other people recorded in studio. Most to them. My son's had a band for a while. Based Negro. Yeah She jazz band yes. Yeah. That was my godson playing drums and Cheyenne. Blood Sun. Plan base. And and then. To Marvelous Guitar players..

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