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Saturday's slate has a couple of interesting pitchers here that i'm watching i want to see what they do not necessarily uh you know recommending there for users luiz could steal cincinnati strike nawada hitters out sosa given up stuff he's at arizona it's not a good match up but i want to see what he does giral cotton who you mentioned earlier at seattle he's intriguing he was definitely intriguing last year and it's kind of been inconsistent this year uh definitely like to see uh hose it can tie of it kitano league cores do you sit canton of course you know me in canton i if he's not exactly one fuzzy for media ice because i think there's so many different guys on that team who can just you know make contact and get the ball out of the ballpark ah you know at the life is probably gonna take them the and then sunday let's see your david price and chris archer that's an interesting match price of pitching fine the he should be an online at this point sean new come and joe ross that's interesting because newcombe guy lit up in his last outing and this is that washington can use them there joe ross flip a coin who hate i mean you mentioned earlier in the week i i don't know what i'm going to get from joe ross's against the land that's a better lineup and people realize are using joe rossier or are you trying to say say or at the end of the weekly here uh and you know you need a couple starting to pick up some winds and strikeouts in the lake and you're looking at a free agent list that includes say joe ross jared i cough coming off the over philidelphia against san diego it's a good match up for him there although trevor kale at philadelphia's a good match up hor bail he'll be available at say um maybe felix hernandez was dropped and he those names merely on the final day of the week.

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