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And we're gonna take a look at it brought to you by Subaru of P. while it has a look Tracy not so great for drivers over on in the foothills of the cascades right now we're dealing with some windy conditions I know there is some windy conditions for drivers that are are actually anybody that's in near and around Stevens pass that's a story for another time because even pass the still close I was just watching some of our crews out there from Cairo seven okay the drive right now through maple valley it could be challenging and a lot of this become and is because of the windy conditions and the power outage there so this is on the maple valley highway this is closer to two hundred and thirty second I was just trying to kind of get an idea the drivers that are in this area around four corners north maple valley dark intersections need to be treated as four way stops I'm hearing problems are drivers in Issaquah with dark intersections and four way stop so again be very careful as you head out we are looking at a couple of problems with the fallen tree down it's taking up all lanes is on zero five thirty at sea post road according to a D. O. T. and detectives are still working with this and shooting investigation esses in the ten thousand three hundred block of chambers creek road heather have more on that coming up here at six thirty three traffic brought to you by Subaru of you all in bad weather with the traffic this time of year can be stressful unless of course you're in your company new syrup you off from several of you all of the review all of your stress free dealership Kyra radio real time traffic I'm Tracy Taylor Mason Tom one hanging out with y'all quarter after six on Wednesday evening stay safe out there honestly my wife went to her parents house with our kids were was listening to our show at power went out immediately really I think with snow a lot of people are prepared especially with what happened last year but when the power goes out and gets this cold out there I think that's when you generally start to worry about staying warm keeping your family safe and stuff like that but sounds like power outages are going on everywhere around the region a full out there okay I saw this article it is a Rolling Stone and.

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