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Know, what porn is quote for many years ago Namus famous decades ago. So also TV movies. I didn't count if. Okay, good. So the ethical releases of new work that comes into play because one of my directors. He he was using as he was stringing together a bunch of quartets four shorts together from his earlier work, and then releasing them feeders from quick money grants. So those don't count in my okay, cool. Minor some heavy hitters of great directors. And I have to that are no one that's only a streak of three to six four two weeks of seven as I'm excited to hear your list because four is my most okay, go also we're gonna we're gonna you're gonna have to. I mean, I'm gonna I'm gonna test your. I'm gonna put you to the test. Without you think some of these hot streaks all that one doesn't count. I'm sure that I'll have some if you got seven because I I did a lot searching house the congra- that's not going to take too much research. And I ended up I did a lottery did more for this episode that everyone say it's up there with Sundance speaking of which we lose sending a couple of weeks very excited about that. I'm sure also for our patriarchal, I know some of you are new patriots scribes because we are doing more. And I finally got that patriot app. And I'm doing those they call call call them lens video little videos little snippets almost are doing this. So I've done three so far. And what you do is you go over, and if you're a patriot member I'll as you do like samba just jerked it is that what? Popstar never stop stopping jerk session or whatever. The film ball ones are all Africa's Esther wants to that are very random as you can imagine that for the film. What you do is you get the patriot app. First of all. And then you log in a lot of money zero that's free. But if you're five dollar or more patriotic member of this program, you can get little what I've been doing alma, Wayne, the theaters on my way out of feeders things that I'm upset about or just thinking about you, all they're all I got is one just now on the way in here promising myself to be a nice boy because it was one of my one of my New Year's resolutions to and I'm like it was kind of pep talk to myself under put it up on. The patriot laugher mation Logan was also saying that if the best way to listen to the bonus content, whether it be spoiler episodes. Yeah. Whatever's on patriots nice and easy way to play them. Okay. I like that. I start doing these two this brand how about when we do going into the movie or come out of the movie, you know, a little ten second thought or whatever pre flick shins. It's kind of that's been used. Okay. Plenty times three fashions. Well, I mean, we can use. But don't act like you're branding that. And you know, create and that I'm being mean tag mine copyright trademark. Albright. Logan, you them. I was gonna say speaking of resolutions as you were alluding to I keeping up with one of mine, and I was going through the listener Email today, which I hadn't done in a few months. And I came some nice gems typically all the features this week is new as you'll notice. Oh, excellent. But then I also charts. He got something a little extra special from one of our listeners old feature artists. Appreciate. Not since not just the orange couch days. Have we gotten a original film ball team song o- originally written and recorded for this program? When did that happen this happened? I think we got it in the in our inbox about a month or two ago. Okay. Got to stop listening to disgust. Yeah. This guy also sentenced original songs, I use as feature is. We'll be bumping out with that. Or is this the first hearing about it? He reached out to the resent. It have you gotten back like you said replied, I was actually cleaning out today. I respond so should have something in his inbox now. But I'm going to listen to this. I'm gonna play it's about thirty seconds long. I'm in area..

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