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Became synonymous with pollution when it caught fire nineteen sixty nine have now been declared safety, the easing of fish consumption, restrictions on the cuyahoga river in northeast Ohio is being lauded by governor, Mike, you wine as an important step toward ultimately delisting listing the river altogether as an area of concern, however, seven issues of concern remains to be addressed before that can happen. The Republican governor is pushing a state budget. That includes almost one billion dollars for water quality projects rich Thomasson reporting. One of Germany's richest family says it plans to give millions of euros to charity after learning about ancestors who enthusiastically supported the Nazis used forced labour, Bild newspaper, reveals documents show, Albert Reimann senior and his son used Russian civilians and French POW's as forced laborers news and analysis at townhall dot com. San Francisco seeking to crack down on electric cigarettes that critics say are aggressively targeted the kids city attorney Dennis Herrera said he and his counterparts from Chicago and New York's in a joint letter demanding that the US food and Drug administration evaluate the of e cigarettes on public health Herrera said the review should have been done before cigarettes entered the market, but that the federal agency has given companies until August two thousand twenty two to submit applications for the evaluation mostly cigarettes contain nicotine, which is addictive and can harm analysts and brains are still developing correspondent, Jeremy house today is Sunday March the twenty four th birthday for some famous people, including fashion and costume designer Bob Mackie, he is eighty years old comedian Louis Armstrong is sixty six candles on his cake. Former Microsoft CEO, Steve Balmer is sixty three former NFL.

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