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It is way could take year audience be radio. Lebatardshow out today. Kurt you're gonna join us at eleven. Mike is up in New York. Mike. Are we expecting any special guests to come by the student? You're not where I was up in New York, which was right in the middle of the office, I was right by Jacoby desk. You seem to be in a much nicer place, then where I was up in New York City, they rolled out the red coleus terrible. Oh, oh man. It's been a long week long. We lots of travel, but I'm not in the cubicle where we put seeing Van Gundy in front of that window. They rolled out the red carpet. I'm here in the CNA. Smith. Studio is at a town will Cain is Atta town, and we have this fancy backdrop to really nice studio. I did not know you're in his studio smell, like, how is it? I just imagine he smells fantastic, the air conditioning is perfect. There is a sort of white ball of light when you walk in. In to the door, where he usually sits, relieves, his aura. I like to imagine that. There's just takes littered around the room hasn't used but that require him writing them down. And we know like any great battle rapper. Stephen a Smith is straight off the top. Mike is there anything from that studio that you feel like maybe you could bring home for me? I see a couple of items right behind your shoulder there. Like so. State coffee Cup the way that they do this. Studio is pretty amazing. I used to think that the Clevelanders sued ios worked at max efficiency, but all the radio shows Jalen and Jacoby. Stephen a Smith will Cain. They all emanate from the same room yet, if you watch them on TV it all looks like it's an different studio. They change each wall is a different studio. So it's pretty amazing in each wall has Bodos at our framed that are specific to that show and Jalen and Jacoby by far. The coolest wall is Jimmy Kimmel and Steven Naismith one there. There is a there's a photo of Bill Simmons. So I'm guessing that's the Jacoby Jacobean wall. Yeah. Yeah. Parliament. There's an older bastard, driver's license. I'm guessing the support of the Jalen and Jacoby set right now. But it's impressive do I look like I'm sitting in the middle of a white ball of light. Yes. You're glowing the best. You've looked I'm so mad at sue God's we can get into that later. Let's continue with wakened take I lied to it won't be the big time. Well, it was the first time and it won't be the last kid big time life. I mean bigger than usual, like no offence. I feel like this is kind of expected. Chalk it up as I forgot to do something more so than a lie. And you know, whatever. Times. Twice. I Bala just for no. Maybe maybe it was four, I don't know. I lost Razzi Kohl's Jimmy, Jimmy, you're on you take year on ESPN radio. Had yet. Jimmy line tenor. In the half. Court challenge say you got ten parts. You gotta hit the same putt that tiger hit on the eighteenth at the master's first part. Not the tappan crowds the same cameras are rolling. You get ten tries you make it everything comes along with being masters champion. If you miss all ten you never get to play another round of golf in your life. You taking the chance. How far was that putt? I'm thinking, I'm trying to think that right? The eighteenth all at Augusta this a couple of months like a couple of weeks ago, you're say. The first putty had, you know, you have missed that one. He hit the tap into win it, but the first one maybe fourteen fifteen footer downhill little, little slippery left or right? Right. But that's the putty missed, correct. Correct. That's the part you add any any tapped into win it. Right. So you're telling me, the fourteen fifteen footer eighteenth hole of Augusta? I get ten shots if I hit one time I get everything that comes along with being the masters champion if I miss it. I never play golf again. Correct. That is a great question ration. That is a great, great question..

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