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I always tell chick about the story when when it was raining. We come in. We have pre game and we're sitting in the locker room and then you come in and rub it on their going. It's a brutal day, but we knew and we understood. And we accept it, and we worked hard as receivers because we knew it was a blocking day for us, and it was your day. It was your day It was it was James Brooks that we totally understood that. But isn't that what made our error our team so special with the chemistry and understanding that we wasn't we were selfish when we got when we got rolling. We wanted the ball, but we understood today is not my day. Is that Guy's day over there a brood? Eh? What am I? I'm not going to say yes Way was the team. We was well put together. We had a great offense line. Whether it's your day Monday we paid together. Ever people. 6 FT. 6 FT 1 £255 and have feet like a ballerina, Rolling thunder man. Revealed his first mini camp at Riverfront Stadium. I was there with the Marty Williams from the Dayton Daily News and talk to Paul Brown, and he was impressed with With this cat from Tennessee State. When I would have retired my season in Cincinnati. Our retired there, Paul Brown was still living. All right on I find with Samwise, you know all your around my brother. But other than that, compound said longer. He's living out of state and Cincinnati. Awesome. Wary. Josh can't thank you enough for joining us today, man, continued health and Just really appreciate you and our friendship, man. All right, here must be there with you a brew up. I miss you, man like your brother and keep continuing. Good health man. Get that help on your on the good side and man and just enjoy life. I appreciate your brother. All right. God bless you. Thanks so much, Larry. Appreciate it. All right. 44 rushing touchdowns. He was He was a bruiser. I remember when we transition. From Broome when we got inside the 10 yard line, especially the five yard line. We had a personnel group called The Webbys and the Webbys were all offensive lineman Jim Briggs or Eric Cattle, You know, tight end type offense, alignment or whatever. And what we be met was we be scorned. So when they came into the game, and it was so funny way did this. That's the signal if you can. Obviously you can't see it. But we have the bicep pump going on, and that was our signal for we bees. And again it was. I got this big grin on my face because I remember there's nothing more disappointing and frustrating if you get if you catch a path and you get pushed out on the two yard line of five year old line here comes the we'd be anything you know Levi's McGee and brown and college work. Get to the bitch. Oh, man. Love it. Hey, when we come back off a break there, Steve and Steve and Mike and Tony we appreciate your you're holding forest. Bangles lose today to the Baltimore Ravens, 38 to 3. Two losses to the Ravens this year by a total of 65 to 6. He's Tim McGee, This is Chick Ludwig. You're listening to the BET River Sports Book postgame sports talk presented by you create on ESPN. 15 37 100 wlw. Free healthcare hundreds to more than $1000 per month and disability compensation and tens of thousands for college tuition. These are just some of the U. S.

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