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Hey you know. My god i think i warn you. This is a slightly over served. Roge- inserts jeb sleds. This is the first time. I've ever said roger you've just gone walk. I could get my girl on the. I'm just like the so confused. Can i just tell you tonight of all nights. Usa usa usa but the very back in the green room actually audible to other human beings. It is david let's dive. It's just a simulation roach from the embassy row studios in the crap pot. A bed for the crackpot of west hollywood california a it's a many blaze of spotify green room. Oh steven sobel in the just joe. Caesar there's a human victory. And i love it because where ricardo pepys team. Now dave yet you are weekly spotify green room at a special time. I've always said nine forty five. Am eastern time is the most american of all times. Raj those of you. Jeff of these joining here on them in other drill saskia questions in the chat right now. We'll put up on stage later in the show to hear from you. Those of you listening to this on a delay. You'll men in blazers police radios. Come join us from next spotify. Green room live. All you have to do is download the spotify green map so many places and people are group's and they give us a follow broad. Let's kick this whole thing with a to ust. God love you newcastle twinge on that. Please go to us. We will be came on newcastle in this green room. Please go we'll be talking about the end w esl in this green room. But i will raise at life at cetera. my third day. Twelve point to the first world cup qualifying ever played in texas twenty one thousand found in q. Two stadium and it was absolutely magic. Hit another frontier for. Us football in the players responded in kind with a kid from texas. I wanna case to el paso so bloody badly a roy's ricardo pep a. I remember reading just looked at it. Now you it's like five hundred likes a semi on twitter. It should have five million because it is truly american and truly beautiful when he pledged to play for the united states. In august ricardo. Pappy said this country is given me and my family a home an endless possibilities to achieve my dreams. It's lifted me up and showed me when you work hard you will be rewarded and tonigh- i watch patera my a kid living now that dream living now i'm more with the world watching complete spoilt my game approach now. Everybody's gonna know what happened to the football. The us men's national team to jamaica nil after first half in which all of the discussions about the thirty one year old world cup qualifying debutante ref grenades riyan radical the second half so the game spring to life. Us struck on volta. Nine minutes with yunus mussa driving the jamaican defense before dishing to gino desk to slung across for eighteen year old Peppy to head home. The texan added a second on sixty two minutes. Latching onto brendan's across the us when the second straight octagonal match to move talk of concacaf world cup. Qualifying i've got a feeling that this game this performance this victory glory is going to dominate the question. So we'll just quickly. are you dancing. Well we're speaking david. It is amazing beautiful skill. You have sometimes when america win you just you just the big picture for me. Big big picture. Is it this. Us kim of learn the lessons from the first window and the biggest lesson is concacaf. Football is not proper football today. The kogi ca like chess boxing. It's not really proper chances. Don't really proper belt. Boxing is still mesmerizing. I realize what in the first of concacaf football dave. Oh it's like survivor. Without jeff bloody props but it is is our last the poise. Gino lampooning go gavin lost and we started musuem mckennie atoms midfield of dreams but really who clay a realized less and less important. It's the intangibles there. So tangible and cafe twenty seconds and p coca cafes achieve what what what happened in that moment because fell. Why if the world was imploding. Just judging by taylor commentary somewhere. The world is imploding. As areo lewis fell by lawrence on the dogs don't say dogs can can. We look ruptured. Just wanted to a very very quick time out before we get into that. Incredibly conquer kathy twenty stops and just say tella who spend j. w text each other. He spent the photos. Fav basically angry everyone in the world to me but just say who he should have been angry with is his own bosses at espn because with the greatest respect to your beloved tulane green wave. There's no way that football game against houston on espn. While this game is is put on the second channel the distribution is way less. It is like a far more difficult to go and find most americans and this is a game. It's a us men's national team game at that beautiful austin stadium. I can't believe that was put on the juice. Anyway that's can i can. I can make a quick county case number. Warm to lane spotted. Houston a fourteen point lead in the first quarter ground their way back as we know green move to a twenty two twenty leave is done is incredible narrative that is incredible when the america craves that. I crave that You know we should probably do agreed we've just onto lay greenway full. Well maybe that should talk that. Maybe that should be the national playing. That game i have. I have a feeling dave. And i'm just thrown out. This is now knowledge. This is just a feelings. There's a difference. I've got a feeling. Espn aw negotiating about whether they're going to get the rights for future games. I think there's a bega wheels have been wills at play. That is all. I can say without one right now. Us soccer is renegotiating. Its rights packages with the differ networks. And and i think we're rule just little little mice running in a cage in a way of thinking. We're running very fast. But there's big forces at play but get banks the twenty seconds grenadian referees than we even know the grenade referees name because we did very quickly into. This war happened. David not first twenty-six well if it wasn't a great challenge unfor- this thirty-one-year-old grenade and referee. I'm very fond of the grenade and people roach a bit grenada. Friends greater. This is a big moment for grenades. Have a referee. This big game what we are program. Twenty one twenty seconds in aronson gets pulled down. There wasn't much of a challenge. The bowl i washed it again. I think probably had that not happened. Twenty seconds of the game. I think he would have been off. Well i'll say two things christian still open shots says a riddle. When is dogs are dogs..

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